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Hampstead Heath videos

I want to try and visit Hampstead Heath’s cruising grounds for the first time this summer. And even bring my boyfriend with me if he’s up for it. The two videos bellow give a flavour of it – not only … Continue reading

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Getting ready for cruising

Every year, my boyfriend travels for a few weeks during summer time on business. This year won’t be any different, with him being away in August for a few weeks. Last year, I made plans to visit saunas, hook up with … Continue reading

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Hampstead Heath’s Cruising Ground

I went for a walk recently in Hampstead Heath with a friend. It was one of those sunny days before the weather turned cold in London, and it was during the week so there was hardly anyone about. I’ve heard … Continue reading

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Turning 40 in a Sauna

My boyfriend and I turn 40 this year. I’m thinking of taking him to a gay sauna as part of the “package” celebrations. It’s something we’ve never done before (as far as I know, he’s never been) but we’ve talked … Continue reading

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24 Hours Cruising

I’ve started cruising for sex again. It’s a mixture of the weather turning nicer and my return to regular exercises. Being sedentary for the last year and a half was one of the worst things that happened to me: my … Continue reading

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Back in London

I’ve returned to London, just in time for a glorious heatwave hitting the country. I thought of Hampstead Heath yesterday and how it must be full of cruisers at night. And I thought of the years I spent going to … Continue reading

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