Quick visit to an old haunt

Late night bus ride home after dinner, drinks and kisses with a guy I met on Tinder some months ago.

Stop at Liverpool St station at 11pm to check out the loos and then change buses. Not many guys by the urinals at first, just a young guy in a blue suit and a few other non-descript fellows.

As I piss, a young guy all in brown arrives, stands not too far from me. Young man in blue suit moves to my side – he’s Superman good looking, with a nice cock that grows thick quickly. A stocky guy then joins us, then more guys.
Young Superman makes signs with his tongue and lips. I smile at him, he smiles back – I want to show I’d be up for blowing him in a cubicle.

But I can’t get hard, and so he moves away to the side of stocky guy, no longer interested. Meanwhile, young guy all in brown is now nervously washing his hands and watching us. Then he moves to the cubicles. I follow and enter the one beside his. I stand there and feel the silliness of it all. I walk out, past the urinals (now packed with guys) and head for my bus stop.

Some minutes later, all in brown young man comes out with Young Superman. Looks like Superman is proposing something to him. He declines with a smile. Young Superman turns around and heads back inside.

Tomorrow, I get to pick up my first shipment of PreP.

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Hampstead Heath videos

I want to try and visit Hampstead Heath’s cruising grounds for the first time this summer. And even bring my boyfriend with me if he’s up for it. The two videos bellow give a flavour of it – not only the sex but the guys watching from the sidelines…

Hampstead Heath day powered by XTube

Hampstead Heath day PART 2 powered by XTube

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Fully Open

My boyfriend is now aware of this blog and has started reading it.

We have been talking a lot, about open relationships, sex, life, our feelings… so many things. I feel so much closer to him, so happy, and very sexually fulfilled.

I’ve started seeing a young guy I met on Tinder, I have a few other dates lined up, I might finally visit a London sauna soon… or not. It doesn’t matter: I feel fulfilled, content, at peace.

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Sex with Readers


It’s only a matter of time before I shag one of my blog readers and write about it here.

I’ve been approached a few times in online cruising sites by guys that enjoy this blog. I’m always glad to get feedback – this blog started out as a project for me to explore my sexuality, be more honest about my desires, and it has sort of become a document of the cruising landscape (even though I do so little compared to other gay guys out there). I’m truly very happy that you enjoy reading about my experiences, and that some of you are taking something from it (one reader said it had made him more confident about going to gay saunas and cruising.)

A lot has happened in the last 9 months for me, which I haven’t yet documented here – but I will. In essence, I’ve told my boyfriend everything and we are now working out on how an open relationship will work for both of us.¬† We both want to have more sexual experiences, learn more, enjoy ourselves. It’s been almost a spiritual experience because we have realised how important it is to be honest about how you feel and what you are attracted to.

If I won the lottery and didn’t have to answer to anyone, I’d put my face on this blog and you would all know what I look like. But, just like you, I have to contend with bosses, etc., so for now it will remain an anonymous blog. The same goes for readers who I might meet and write about: I’ll never divulge anybody’s information, even if they ask me to. I respect everyone’s privacy and I’m aware things change – and once it’s online, you can never delete it. However, if you shag me and afterwards you want to choose a nickname for yourself which I can use here to refer to you, be my guest! ūüôā

Going back to readers I chatted to: it looks like I might meet one or two for an adventure, maybe even as partners in crime as we travel across London visiting different cruising sites. I hope it works out and I hope I have good stories to write about afterwards.

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Bank Holiday BJ


Went by Liverpool Street Station’s toilets yesterday, Saturday 29, after some drinks at a birthday party in North London. I was feeling horny and, at first, considered going to The Vault (for the first time) or a London sauna (for the first time). In the end, I thought I’d have a quick look at the toilets and maybe even drop by Tower Hamlet’s Cemetery or Mile End (though it was quite a chilly night.)

Saturday night is actually a great time to cruise: there are tons of Essex lads coming out of the pubs, catching trains, lots of people coming and going from the toilets. So it’s easy to desguise any cruising, and there was plenty of it going on.

Only one of the urinal sets was open, and it was nearly packed with guys holding hard ons. I took one towards the back, and took my view of the place as I pissed. I noticed that one guy behind me, about 5,8, dark haired and with a latino face, seemed quite interesting – possibly even straight. He was carrying a backpack, looked very normal, but when he turned to me he was sporting a thick 7.5 incher cock.

I licked my lips at him a few times and he zipped up and went to the cubicles. I followed him into one of them and we locked the door. He put his backpack to cover the bottom partition as I sat on the toilet. Then he opened his zipper and that beautiful thick cock was in my mouth.

Had been such a long time I’d blown a random dude, and it felt so good to suck on it. His balls were smallish and smooth. He lifted his T-shirt and showed me his strong, smooth chest. I ran my hands up and down it, and over his ass, as I kept sucking, licking and jerking him off.

He touched my crotch as if to say “you don’t want to jerk off?” but I was all about giving him pleasure. Some guy took the stall next to ours (for the usual business) and from far away I could hear banter from the Essex lads. His cock started to soften a little so he pulled it out of my mouth and started jerking it off. I raised my head and started licking and nibbling his left nipple. But when I moved one hand down and touched his asshole, that’s when he started shooting all over the floor. I moved as quick as possible and caught the last drops, which tasted delicious.

When I had drained the rest of his cum and he was soft, he zipped up and smiled at me. As he turned around to leave, I patted his bum as if to say “good boy”.

Afterwards, I felt even more horny and hard. I debated hanging around and just sucking more guys, but when I came out of the cubicle they were all gone. I decided it was probably good for the night and took the bus home (where I then decided to message random guys on Grindr and Squirt if they wanted a blowjob – nobody replied!)

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Recent cruising

Places I’ve visited lately:
Carnaby Street toilets

This place is something else. I have no doubt they’ll close it soon and refurbish or just throw away the key. It was a Friday after work when I went down its steps. About 10 guys stood around, all with hard dicks in hand, jerking off in circles, jerking off from the cubicles, staring hungrily at each other, and especially at me (who they thought was straight and had wandered in by mistake.) I wonder what straight guys do when they see these orgies! There were all types of guys – young and old, black and white, muscle and thin, and lots of big cocks on show.

Old Street toilets

Went by yesterday at lunch time and it was quiet. Was the perfect time to play and not be disturbed, alas nobody showed up.

The basement toilets are great for picking up guys – I’ve seen some gorgeous fellas here before – but I’m not sure where they go after. It was empty yesterday at lunch time, but then I saw a cute guy post on Squirt he was coming over. I chickened out of asking him to feed me his cock.

Royal Festival Hall

Busy yesterday with families because of the holiday so not many guys around. A young mixed race guy came and went from the basement but the ground floor one was empty and quiet.

Wimbledon Common

Amazing Common that must see a lot of action. I had no clue where to go so just wandered around at sunset and kept checking out the dog walkers, hoping for a sign. Would love to come back in the summer and try some West London cock.

Richmond Park

Same as the above – too large an area to cruise and, as I’m not familiar with the local habits, didn’t know where to go.

Ham Common

A guy on Squirt suggested this place to me. It was just after sunset, and quite chilly, which may have been why it was so deserted. Very dense bushes perfect to hide inside with a guy – another place I’d enjoy checking out.

If any of you reading this can add any comments and suggestions on the listings above, I would be grateful!

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Cruising in an East End cemetery

Tower Hamlets Cemetery

I live about 20 minutes away from the Tower Hamlets Cemetery. ¬†Last summer I briefly fooled around inside it with a hot guy I picked up in Mile End Park¬†but I’d never taken the time to properly cruise it. ¬†Today, after having some beers with a friend in Hackney Wick, I grew the courage to go for a walk through it.

I took a walk first through Victoria Park and Mile End about 4pm, to clear my head a bit and gather some courage.  Unfortunately, by the time I got to the cemetery, I desperately needed to pee!

There were some young people and couples coming and going from the cemetery, but it was otherwise empty. I wandered down empty paths, hoping to find a bush where I could piss without being seen. ¬†Just as I unzipped, I spotted a young guy walking away, who seemed quite cute. ¬†I tried to then catch up with him but couldn’t find him anymore.

I wandered and wandered but didn’t spot any gay guys. I’d posted a message on Squirt.org earlier, and some guys had checked my profile, but nobody had messaged to say they’d come meet me.

In one corner of the park was a group of teenagers making noise. In another, a young guy sat on a bench and read his mobile phone – I couldn’t tell if he was cruising.

Finally, as I was about to give up, I got to a large spire (which if I now remember correctly is where guys meet up at night) and spotted a slim ginger guy from a¬†distance. He noticed me too and leaned against the monument. I have a thing for ginger guys and I thought: “Ha, this is it – I’m finally going to shag a ginger guy”, but then he turned to look at me and his face was old, and grim looking. ¬†He said an awkward hi and I replied with a hi, walking away.

It¬†was probably the wrong time to cruise – too light and early, no place to go and play without being disturbed. ¬†I can see its possibilities in the evening though…

Just as I left the cemetery, two young gay guys (maybe a couple) came out of a building ahead of me. They were very sexy and well dressed – I sent them a silent blessing as I¬†enjoyed walking¬†behind them. ¬†Suddenly one of them stopped and decided to piss against a tree. ¬†He gave me a cheeky smile and said “when you got to go, you got to go”. ¬†I laughed and waved my hand, saying I understood. ¬†I stupidly didn’t check his cock as I walked past him.

His partner kept his back to us. When I went past him I joked that he had given his friend too much beer and he nodded back knowingly.

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