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Hampstead Heath videos

I want to try and visit Hampstead Heath’s cruising grounds for the first time this summer. And even bring my boyfriend with me if he’s up for it. The two videos bellow give a flavour of it – not only … Continue reading

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Fully Open

My boyfriend is now aware of this blog and has started reading it. We have been talking a lot, about open relationships, sex, life, our feelings… so many things. I feel so much closer to him, so happy, and very … Continue reading

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Sex with Readers

It’s only a matter of time before I shag one of my blog readers and write about it here. I’ve been approached a few times in online cruising sites by guys that enjoy this blog. I’m always glad to get … Continue reading

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Bank Holiday BJ

Went by Liverpool Street Station’s toilets yesterday, Saturday 29, after some drinks at a birthday party in North London. I was feeling horny and, at first, considered going to The Vault (for the first time) or a London sauna (for … Continue reading

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Recent cruising

Places I’ve visited lately: Carnaby Street toilets This place is something else. I have no doubt they’ll close it soon and refurbish or just throw away the key. It was a Friday after work when I went down its steps. … Continue reading

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Cruising in an East End cemetery

I live about 20 minutes away from the Tower Hamlets Cemetery.  Last summer I briefly fooled around inside it with a hot guy I picked up in Mile End Park but I’d never taken the time to properly cruise it.  Today, … Continue reading

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Festival Hall Cruising

I grew a beard this winter, for the first time in my life. Not a thick, bushy beard, but a beard nevertheless, salt and pepper like my hair and soft to the touch. Everyone has been complementing me on it, … Continue reading

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