Canary Wharf cruising

This morning, in the toilets just inside Canary Wharf tube station, two suits by the urinals.

One is short and ginger, almost a dwarf. But he has a hard and thick cock. The other guy is my height, 5,11, and with a wedding ring.

I stroke but can’t get as hard as them. When the three of us find ourselves alone, we stand back and show each other our cocks.

I grab the ginger dwarf’s cock, he grabs mine and the married guy’s. He looks quite pleased in the middle. But just as he leans down for a quick suck on the other guy, someone comes is.

Married guy and I retreat, wash our hands and leave.

Also, a week ago, I dropped by the Canary Wharf toilets near the Everyman cinema (-3 floor). Every time, there was one or more guys cruising in there. I suspect it’s very busy at lunch times and after work – must go back and confirm this!


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9 Responses to Canary Wharf cruising

  1. Stephen says:


    Is there a good cruising blog you’d recommend for London. There used to be a great tumblr that provided updates but it’s now deactivated. I notice today that the Carnaby St toilet has closed down. Could always rely on that! Do you have a good list?

  2. stephen says:

    Cheers for that chaps – see you in Canary Wharf…

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