The Cemetery Boy

I ran into the hot cemetery boy this morning, just outside Hackney Wick station. 

He was dressed in a black t-shirt and shorts, carrying his building material (he mentioning back then he worked as a builder.) He looked as sexy as ever as he bought his ticket and took the Overground to Stratford. I don’t think he saw me.

I’ve had a few messages with him since that encounter. Over Xmas I asked if he wanted to hook up, but he never replied to my WhatsApp. Then I found him on Grindr and later I dropped him a line saying someone I knew was looking for a builder. It didn’t come to nothing but I promised to let him know if I’d hear different.

Actually took me by surprise to see him in person, and in the daylight. It is about one year to the day since our hook up.


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12 Responses to The Cemetery Boy

  1. Burk84 says:

    I met a big old man more than one month ago amongst the trees of hampstead heath. I went there just for curiosity really as I was not feeling sure and sexy enough for having sex with anyone. Cruising around the wood I started to come across first guys a polish looking guy who was wanking offering his cock, I walked up. I was walking with no destination at all when I was going back for leaving the place and see a big grey men coming towards me. He was fuckin sexy as I could move my glance from him. He started to look at me and everything seemed like was going in slow motion. I walked away and he started to follow me, he wanted me so badly it was like I was feeling it. After a 10 minutes chasing he reached me from the back grabbing my bum with his strong hands. I was so scared and my heart was going to explode. He started to touch me I started to feel so good. I turned on him and we started kissing very horny like I was thirsty and so horny. I was going to eat him and he was going to eat me. Soon I opened his trousers and down on my knees I started to blow his cock like I have never done before while I was playing with his hairy grey strong chest, nipples and toned masculine belly. When we finished we started to chat and walk back for leaving. He explained me everything about the heath, he was 55 grey years old but I would have said 45 working in transport company. He asked my number. We exchanged msgs after. Last time he texted me I was on holiday and since I was back I have never texted him. 15 days since then. Hope to find him again somewhere or someone like my sexy big man. Just start to cruising no experience yet πŸ˜‰

    • doriansmith5 says:

      Thanks for sharing my friend. Hope you hear back from your sexy transportation guy πŸ˜‰

      • Burk84 says:

        Hi Dorian so glad you are back in writing your adventures…Sorry for the way I have written my story so bad but I didn t check before posting…I just wanted this to be like a stream of consciousness…I do not have same luck in the public toilets so anxious in there…just went just in carnaby street which I find so horrible nasty and liverpool street which I find so fuckin sexy place…last time was flirting with an arab lad while I was washing and dry my hands…didn t do anything though and left…sexy feelings were overwhelmed by fear and anxiety

  2. doriansmith5 says:

    No worries at all my friend – I like your stream of consciousness, it’s more honest that way! πŸ™‚
    I also get anxious and nervous in public toilets – I think it must be common with most guys. It’s that fear of getting caught, of the police showing up. But still we go back…

  3. R25 says:

    I live in Hackney Central, small world!

  4. He sounds nice πŸ™‚

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