One New Change

A quick visit to Old Street’s tube toilets this afternoon. At the urinals, an elderly man furiously jerking off to my left, a young guy on his phone to my right. I was in and out in 5 minutes.

Sunshine suddenly over London. Walked South to St Paul’s and decided to finally check out the infamous and popular cruising spots in One New Change.

Many city guys on the streets, not so many inside. Went up to the second floor and found the toilets. Two guys stood outside, pretending to be on their phones, checking all comings and goings.

As I walked in a young guy was coming out. All urinals were “out of order” and one of the cubicles was blocked. Nobody was about.

Pissed quickly and as I was washing my hands a muscular guy in tight office clothes came in. Maybe it was my imagination but I think he peeked his butt towards me just before I stepped outside.


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20 Responses to One New Change

  1. tintedgingey says:

    I love reading your blog. I work across the road, maybe we’ll catch each other and make your next trip more worthwhile.

  2. tintedgingey says:

    I work across the road, maybe I can make your next trip more worth while.

  3. HungMark says:

    Relatively new to cruising, but since I work near St Pauls, I found ONC was easy to get to, and seemed to be very cruisy. The problem is that lots of guys are not very subtle about it, and either hog the urinals for ages, or switch between the 2 toilets on the lower ground and 1st floors. I have heard the police and local security are keen to put an end to it, and the toilets on the 1st floor have been out of action for a week or so.

    I love cruising, have played with some amazing cock, but the worry around getting caught like that is too much. Gonna leave ONC for a while, and perhaps try again in a month or 2.

    • doriansmith5 says:

      It’s good to be cautious HungMark. I remember the same happening to Bakerloo Station’s loos when it got too popular. Same places close down for good, others go dead thanks to security then pick up again (e.g. Liverpool St Station.)

  4. HungMark says:

    Agreed – the excitement has to come from the possibility of someone catching you doing something naughty, not from the absolute fear of getting arrested!

    I guess that is the cyclic nature of places becoming popular. Some people abuse it and spoil it for others. Everyone flocks to them, then it gets the attention of the authorities who put the fear of god into everyone. And so people find somewhere else to go….

    City Thameslink is good at the moment, as is Broadwick Street.

  5. HungMark says:

    Agreed, a totally weird environment there. Everyone down there spends their time waving their cocks around, eyeing up everyone but not actually doing anything!

    Or, there is the other extreme where the antics have been phone-videoed and put up on Tumblr for all to see (including peoples faces!).

    Don’t like that place one bit!

    Is there anywhere you would suggest is worthwhile trying out at the moment Dorian?

    • doriansmith5 says:

      I’m a little out of the loop. I find Liverpool St very good on Sat night, when pubs are closing. And I’ve heard The Vault and Hampstead Heath are great, but have never been. My cruising has really slowed down, I now live vicariously through you lot! πŸ˜‰

  6. FJe says:

    I live around St. Paul’s man! Wish I’d seen you there!

  7. TomD says:

    Man sounds hot, never done anything with a guy but often on the look out and been to that very loo but never know what to do lol.

  8. cruisingsucker says:

    1 New Change occasionally employs police to check the activity soda be careful.
    But most of the time its a great lace to have good quick wank especially on the ground floor near M&S

  9. marquie says:

    All the urinals have been removed from ONC now following lots fo police activity as above.Where has this crowd gone to now?

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