Fourth Sauna Visit

Back in October 2016, my boyfriend and I finally visited a sauna together.

We were visiting Bristol over a long weekend, as part of our anniversary. We had spent the Saturday walking the city, starting with an English breakfast by the harbour, and then exploring the Clifton area, and drinking at the Hobgoblin on Gloucester Road. Throughout the day we had chatted about visiting a sauna – taking the plunge – and we found one called Lads Locker Room, right next door to the Wardrobe Theatre, where we saw an evening comedy performance of puppets.

The sauna’s reception doubled up as a bar. A guy behind the bar buzzed us in and asked if it was our first time. I said it was. Two young guys sat at the bar, one wet and in a towel (later, when we were leaving, he had changed and was working behind the bar.) The other, fully clothed, was good looking and wished us a lacklustre welcome.

It was £12 per head, which I offered to pay for my boyfriend and I. But we didn’t have enough cash – luckily the reception accepted bankcards. The receptionist then told us where the changing rooms were, the showers, the dry sauna, and that the porn room and cabins were upstairs.

The place was nearly empty; it looked nothing like what it promoted on its website. A stocky, bald guy sat in the TV room watching BBC1, and an older man loitered by the stairs. My boyfriend and I got changed, already aware that this was not the experience we were expecting. This wasn’t a sensuous spa with nice facilities and tons of men.

Once we were wrapped in our towels, we went to the shower room, a grim area with three showers that took forever to warm up, no soap, and cleaning buckets forgotten nearby, with brooms and mops sticking out of them. Next to the showers was a broken steam room (which we later found out from a regular had been like that for 6 months – none of that info was on the website.)

We decided to check out the dry sauna, which was empty. Once in there, we looked at each other. There was no need for words – the place was a dump.

‘Oh well,’ I said. ‘It’s an experience.’

Lad's Locker Room

We then decided to check out the Jacuzzi. A solitary man in his 50s sat there, bald with long curly grey hair down his neck. His name was Steve: an assiduous regular and a Brexiter. We quizzed him about the sauna’s best times (“1am, when all the young ones arrive from the clubs”) and the best saunas in the UK (“Sweatbox and Pleasuredrome in London, Oasis in Brighton.”) Soon, the stocky guy we’d seen earlier in the lounge joined us. He had dark skin and was very hairy. He said his name was Mark and that he came from Slovakia (my boyfriend thinks that was a made up name.) Mark would end up spending the night chasing us, following us wherever we went, pressing his leg against my boyfriend’s in the jacuzzi, until it was more than obvious we weren’t interested.

We wandered upstairs out of curiosity and found a tiny dark labyrinth that included glory holes (with two guys making out in there), two cabin rooms (two guys fucking in one of them with the door open) and a large porn room where orgies could take place. We stopped to watch some porn, unable to get hard, and Mark soon walked in with a fit guy (who turned out to be Polish). They laid out their towels and started making out. An older man arrived, carrying a shopping bag with his possessions, lay down nearby and started jerking off. We stood up and went back downstairs.

One positive side to the sauna was that the staff were nice. They gave us tap water when we asked at the bar without any hassle. But after an hour in there, we decided it was best if we left. Some men had started to arrive but they all seemed awkward.

My boyfriend concluded we weren’t meant for that environment, that he couldn’t get excited there. When we got back to our Airbnb, we took showers and tried to remove the smell of that place from us.


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6 Responses to Fourth Sauna Visit

  1. Thom says:

    Sauna fantasies are always way hotter than the reality. My first visit to a sauna turned out the same as the one you are describing, more like an experience and not very much arousing. But my friend who I went with thought it would be hot if I jerked off for some guys so I did.

  2. HungMark says:

    Hi Dorian

    I can relate to your feelings about going to a sauna. I am bi (and married), and have never been to a gay sauna, until recently. I was on work up north, and decided to pluck up the courage to go into Manchester city centre and do some cruising. Problem was, the cruising places on for the city centre were all deserted. So, I decided to see if I was brave enough to go into a sauna. I opted for the Basement, waiting outside for about 20 minutes watching who came and went. A few men went in, none looked hideous. So, I took the plunge, and walked in the entrance and down the stairs with my heart pounding in my ears. When I spoke to the guy behind the counter, my mouth was completely dry. But I persevered, paid, went into the changing room, undressed and walked into the sauna area.

    There were several guys in there – ranging from several overweight guys who looked me up and down, to a few guys who had really muscular bodies and strutted around. The facilities were great – everything worked, and most of the men were friendly. I even spotted a few guys with very large cocks and happy to let them hang down.

    I was surprised to find it such a nice environment – the staff were very friendly and helpful, and by the time I decided I had had enough, I felt comfortable and was walking round with no towel around me and sporting a semi! – to my surprise I had been in there for more than 2 hours. Only the time of the evening caused me to decide to leave.

    I am planning a trip to Brighton soon, and have decided to try a sauna there. My worry is that I have been spoiled by my trip to Manchester and if I will end up with a similar experience to yours!


    • doriansmith5 says:

      Hey Mark, my first time was also at the Basement, up north! (But in Leeds). I wrote about it here.
      The guy I shagged had a girlfriend – I had never been with someone bisexual before. I became very curious about it. Do you mind me asking how that works for you? Do you feel an equal attraction to both sexes? And has it always been that way?

  3. HungMark says:

    Hi Dorian
    I was a late BI bloomer I think, although looking back on my earlier years it was clear I was bi but had no clue how to reconcile the signs and feelings. If I had to trace the initial feelings back, I would say from about the age of 15 – that was when I encountered seeing one of my friends naked, and was astounded at the size of his cock (turns out it ended up growing to about 9 inches).

    If I had to place a percentage on sexual attraction I would say 60% women and 40% men. And I seem to have period of time where my focus will be male and then times when it will be female. At the moment I am in a male focused period which means I am spending time cruising and visiting gay saunas. I did end up visiting Brighton last week and it was actually very good. The facilities are very good and the majority of the guys were pretty hot. Ended up getting sucked off in the steam room and got a lovely big cock down my throat.

    All that said, I am happily married, and have been for 20 years and love big, curvy, busty and hairy women 🙂

    Hope that helps answer the questions 🙂

  4. doriansmith5 says:

    Thanks HungMark for sharing. This is a fascinating topic for me and I’m grateful you have shedded some light on it? I never thought of the possibility of the attractiong being apportioned by “periods” – one period focussing on women, then one on men, etc. But I think that makes sense. I wonder if that’s the case with all bisexual men? I’m going to pose the question to readers of this blog.

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