Quick visit to an old haunt

Late night bus ride home after dinner, drinks and kisses with a guy I met on Tinder some months ago.

Stop at Liverpool St station at 11pm to check out the loos and then change buses. Not many guys by the urinals at first, just a young guy in a blue suit and a few other non-descript fellows.

As I piss, a young guy all in brown arrives, stands not too far from me. Young man in blue suit moves to my side – he’s Superman good looking, with a nice cock that grows thick quickly. A stocky guy then joins us, then more guys.
Young Superman makes signs with his tongue and lips. I smile at him, he smiles back – I want to show I’d be up for blowing him in a cubicle.

But I can’t get hard, and so he moves away to the side of stocky guy, no longer interested. Meanwhile, young guy all in brown is now nervously washing his hands and watching us. Then he moves to the cubicles. I follow and enter the one beside his. I stand there and feel the silliness of it all. I walk out, past the urinals (now packed with guys) and head for my bus stop.

Some minutes later, all in brown young man comes out with Young Superman. Looks like Superman is proposing something to him. He declines with a smile. Young Superman turns around and heads back inside.

Tomorrow, I get to pick up my first shipment of PreP.


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8 Responses to Quick visit to an old haunt

  1. Bobby says:

    Best place to get prep? Do I go to my GP? Reliable website? Cheap and trusted etc?

  2. Adam says:

    I love your stories! Have you ever been to One New Change? I hear that it attracts a good City crowd, but I’d be curious to hear your opinion. (Liverpool Street is amazing, though. Great place!!)

    • doriansmith5 says:

      Thanks Adam for reading 🙂
      Never been to One New Change – I read on Squirt that it’s heavily patrolled by security?

      • Adam says:

        Reading the reviews on Squirt, I understood that it’s amazing – a great place to find suits and didn’t think that security was too much of an issue. I’ll try to check it out soon. But I’d also love to read your review 😉

      • doriansmith5 says:

        I’ll do my best to check it out soon Adam. Drop me a line if you have other tips!

  3. Burk84 says:

    Hi Dorian… Did you stop writing

    I have been reading all your posts and I feel so close to your adventures

    Keep on writing man please or let s get in touch by e-mail!!!


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