Bank Holiday BJ


Went by Liverpool Street Station’s toilets yesterday, Saturday 29, after some drinks at a birthday party in North London. I was feeling horny and, at first, considered going to The Vault (for the first time) or a London sauna (for the first time). In the end, I thought I’d have a quick look at the toilets and maybe even drop by Tower Hamlet’s Cemetery or Mile End (though it was quite a chilly night.)

Saturday night is actually a great time to cruise: there are tons of Essex lads coming out of the pubs, catching trains, lots of people coming and going from the toilets. So it’s easy to desguise any cruising, and there was plenty of it going on.

Only one of the urinal sets was open, and it was nearly packed with guys holding hard ons. I took one towards the back, and took my view of the place as I pissed. I noticed that one guy behind me, about 5,8, dark haired and with a latino face, seemed quite interesting – possibly even straight. He was carrying a backpack, looked very normal, but when he turned to me he was sporting a thick 7.5 incher cock.

I licked my lips at him a few times and he zipped up and went to the cubicles. I followed him into one of them and we locked the door. He put his backpack to cover the bottom partition as I sat on the toilet. Then he opened his zipper and that beautiful thick cock was in my mouth.

Had been such a long time I’d blown a random dude, and it felt so good to suck on it. His balls were smallish and smooth. He lifted his T-shirt and showed me his strong, smooth chest. I ran my hands up and down it, and over his ass, as I kept sucking, licking and jerking him off.

He touched my crotch as if to say “you don’t want to jerk off?” but I was all about giving him pleasure. Some guy took the stall next to ours (for the usual business) and from far away I could hear banter from the Essex lads. His cock started to soften a little so he pulled it out of my mouth and started jerking it off. I raised my head and started licking and nibbling his left nipple. But when I moved one hand down and touched his asshole, that’s when he started shooting all over the floor. I moved as quick as possible and caught the last drops, which tasted delicious.

When I had drained the rest of his cum and he was soft, he zipped up and smiled at me. As he turned around to leave, I patted his bum as if to say “good boy”.

Afterwards, I felt even more horny and hard. I debated hanging around and just sucking more guys, but when I came out of the cubicle they were all gone. I decided it was probably good for the night and took the bus home (where I then decided to message random guys on Grindr and Squirt if they wanted a blowjob – nobody replied!)


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9 Responses to Bank Holiday BJ

  1. Rob says:

    Just had THE best time in Liverpool Street toilets, God I came so hard!!!

  2. Rob says:

    No but coudnt help but stop by again today and Boy was it good! Lots of urinal wanking and hand jobs at about 8pm… dripping cum happy days

  3. Sirio says:

    ..and that’s it? all about sucking a cock or wanking and get wanked…so this is the toilet sex..holding a cock with a hand or in the mouth.
    I mean, i wouldn’t pretend to find a fetish party but..what about watersports…it is a public toilet, should come natural as drinking a coffee sitting at starbucks!
    i want to try getting pissed in a public toilet, but well..ironically sounds like it is not the right place? any suggestion?

  4. William Spears says:

    Hey…id love to chat to you about something…been looking at your blog for years. Can you email me?

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