Recent cruising

Places I’ve visited lately:
Carnaby Street toilets

This place is something else. I have no doubt they’ll close it soon and refurbish or just throw away the key. It was a Friday after work when I went down its steps. About 10 guys stood around, all with hard dicks in hand, jerking off in circles, jerking off from the cubicles, staring hungrily at each other, and especially at me (who they thought was straight and had wandered in by mistake.) I wonder what straight guys do when they see these orgies! There were all types of guys – young and old, black and white, muscle and thin, and lots of big cocks on show.

Old Street toilets

Went by yesterday at lunch time and it was quiet. Was the perfect time to play and not be disturbed, alas nobody showed up.

The basement toilets are great for picking up guys – I’ve seen some gorgeous fellas here before – but I’m not sure where they go after. It was empty yesterday at lunch time, but then I saw a cute guy post on Squirt he was coming over. I chickened out of asking him to feed me his cock.

Royal Festival Hall

Busy yesterday with families because of the holiday so not many guys around. A young mixed race guy came and went from the basement but the ground floor one was empty and quiet.

Wimbledon Common

Amazing Common that must see a lot of action. I had no clue where to go so just wandered around at sunset and kept checking out the dog walkers, hoping for a sign. Would love to come back in the summer and try some West London cock.

Richmond Park

Same as the above – too large an area to cruise and, as I’m not familiar with the local habits, didn’t know where to go.

Ham Common

A guy on Squirt suggested this place to me. It was just after sunset, and quite chilly, which may have been why it was so deserted. Very dense bushes perfect to hide inside with a guy – another place I’d enjoy checking out.

If any of you reading this can add any comments and suggestions on the listings above, I would be grateful!


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7 Responses to Recent cruising

  1. Alex says:

    Thanks for your info, Dorian. Carnaby Street seems to be active but I never got lucky there for some reason. Too much waiting about and too much focus on the perfect cock – finally everyone kind of ended up with nothing. Broadwick Street was closed last time I visited, probably for good. Shame. Have you tried anywhere in South West London recently except for Wimbledon?

    • doriansmith5 says:

      Hey Alex, no, I don’t really know South West London. Can you recommend any places? As for Carnaby, I think the key is to go just after work – more guys around. But enjoy it now before it’s shut down!

      • highnal says:

        I work just around the corner from Carnaby so been too chicken to go in case I bump into someone from work!

        Broadwick St has just had a new branch of The Ivy restaurant open up just outside so I wouldn’t be surprised if they reported any suspicious behaviour going on around the toilets because it wouldn’t look to good on them.

        I used to live in Chiswick and Gunnersbury Nature Reserve is a good active place after dark if the weather is good. Secluded, lots of winding paths, active squirt listing.

        I’ve now moved to the sticks and catch the train from Waterloo. The toilets at the station are particularly cruisy after work and into the evening when the suits have had a few drinks! There’s almost always a hard cock pretending to pee at the urinals whenever I pop in.

      • doriansmith5 says:

        Thanks, great tips! 🙂

  2. NorthernBoy says:

    Love reading your blog and glad to hear that you’v not given it up: I’ve been in a LTR for a few years now but in my single days used to go to saunas and cruise and recently started to think about it again

    Popped to Great Portland St just before it closed and tempted to go to The Vault

    I’m often in London with work so the anonymous would work well for me

    Keep posting and sharing your tales

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