Cruising in an East End cemetery

Tower Hamlets Cemetery

I live about 20 minutes away from the Tower Hamlets Cemetery.  Last summer I briefly fooled around inside it with a hot guy I picked up in Mile End Park but I’d never taken the time to properly cruise it.  Today, after having some beers with a friend in Hackney Wick, I grew the courage to go for a walk through it.

I took a walk first through Victoria Park and Mile End about 4pm, to clear my head a bit and gather some courage.  Unfortunately, by the time I got to the cemetery, I desperately needed to pee!

There were some young people and couples coming and going from the cemetery, but it was otherwise empty. I wandered down empty paths, hoping to find a bush where I could piss without being seen.  Just as I unzipped, I spotted a young guy walking away, who seemed quite cute.  I tried to then catch up with him but couldn’t find him anymore.

I wandered and wandered but didn’t spot any gay guys. I’d posted a message on earlier, and some guys had checked my profile, but nobody had messaged to say they’d come meet me.

In one corner of the park was a group of teenagers making noise. In another, a young guy sat on a bench and read his mobile phone – I couldn’t tell if he was cruising.

Finally, as I was about to give up, I got to a large spire (which if I now remember correctly is where guys meet up at night) and spotted a slim ginger guy from a distance. He noticed me too and leaned against the monument. I have a thing for ginger guys and I thought: “Ha, this is it – I’m finally going to shag a ginger guy”, but then he turned to look at me and his face was old, and grim looking.  He said an awkward hi and I replied with a hi, walking away.

It was probably the wrong time to cruise – too light and early, no place to go and play without being disturbed.  I can see its possibilities in the evening though…

Just as I left the cemetery, two young gay guys (maybe a couple) came out of a building ahead of me. They were very sexy and well dressed – I sent them a silent blessing as I enjoyed walking behind them.  Suddenly one of them stopped and decided to piss against a tree.  He gave me a cheeky smile and said “when you got to go, you got to go”.  I laughed and waved my hand, saying I understood.  I stupidly didn’t check his cock as I walked past him.

His partner kept his back to us. When I went past him I joked that he had given his friend too much beer and he nodded back knowingly.

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