Cruising in an East End cemetery

Tower Hamlets Cemetery

I live about 20 minutes away from the Tower Hamlets Cemetery.  Last summer I briefly fooled around inside it with a hot guy I picked up in Mile End Park but I’d never taken the time to properly cruise it.  Today, after having some beers with a friend in Hackney Wick, I grew the courage to go for a walk through it.

I took a walk first through Victoria Park and Mile End about 4pm, to clear my head a bit and gather some courage.  Unfortunately, by the time I got to the cemetery, I desperately needed to pee!

There were some young people and couples coming and going from the cemetery, but it was otherwise empty. I wandered down empty paths, hoping to find a bush where I could piss without being seen.  Just as I unzipped, I spotted a young guy walking away, who seemed quite cute.  I tried to then catch up with him but couldn’t find him anymore.

I wandered and wandered but didn’t spot any gay guys. I’d posted a message on earlier, and some guys had checked my profile, but nobody had messaged to say they’d come meet me.

In one corner of the park was a group of teenagers making noise. In another, a young guy sat on a bench and read his mobile phone – I couldn’t tell if he was cruising.

Finally, as I was about to give up, I got to a large spire (which if I now remember correctly is where guys meet up at night) and spotted a slim ginger guy from a distance. He noticed me too and leaned against the monument. I have a thing for ginger guys and I thought: “Ha, this is it – I’m finally going to shag a ginger guy”, but then he turned to look at me and his face was old, and grim looking.  He said an awkward hi and I replied with a hi, walking away.

It was probably the wrong time to cruise – too light and early, no place to go and play without being disturbed.  I can see its possibilities in the evening though…

Just as I left the cemetery, two young gay guys (maybe a couple) came out of a building ahead of me. They were very sexy and well dressed – I sent them a silent blessing as I enjoyed walking behind them.  Suddenly one of them stopped and decided to piss against a tree.  He gave me a cheeky smile and said “when you got to go, you got to go”.  I laughed and waved my hand, saying I understood.  I stupidly didn’t check his cock as I walked past him.

His partner kept his back to us. When I went past him I joked that he had given his friend too much beer and he nodded back knowingly.


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12 Responses to Cruising in an East End cemetery

  1. AsianLondon says:

    Hey, I just found out about your blog today and cant stop reading all of it already.

    It happens I also live near your area, 15mins walk from mile end. Send me a line in my email if you and your boyfriend is interested for a company sometime.


    • doriansmith5 says:

      Cheers mate, thanks for reading. Any fave cruising spots? 🙂

      • AsianLondon says:

        I used to cruise before in One New Change but the security noticed there are activities going on there so they are now more alert and checks quite often. It’s been months since I was there. I heard about liverpool street station but I haven’t tried there. What’s the best time to go there? Are there security in there as well?

      • doriansmith5 says:

        Worst times at Liverpool st are rush hour times – but only because it’s the one time when police are most likely to show up (on the other hand, it has the most guys!)

        I really like late night Saturday, when everyone is drunk and heading home… 😉

      • AsianLondon says:

        So I went to Liverpool street station toilets last night aftet work, around 9pm. Twas my first time there, when I came there is a group of men lurking on one side of the urinals so I went to the other side. Not long enough, they all transferred to where I went. The selection of guys (when I went there) were not really my type so I washed my hand immediately and thought maybe some hot guys will come later on. I entered on one of the cubicles and stayed for like 5mins then went out and positioned again on one of the empty urinals. Then came one guy (not again my type) positioned next to me on a pool of empty urinals. So I thought of just going home and never go back again, well for now.

  2. AsianLondon says:

    I just came from Mile End Park today hoping for short fun but to no luck. There was one guy but not really my type so I just went home. I’m very interested to visit Hamspted though. Maybe one of these days.

    • doriansmith5 says:

      Let me know how it goes when you finally visit!

      • AsianLondon says:

        So I went to Hamsptead finally last Friday around afternoon. It was my forst time there so Im a bit scared to go at night. When I came, I was immediately greeted by someone gesturing for something. He’s not my type so I went on walking the park. Ive seen few guys from coming from the plants and bushes and everywhere. Most of them are quite old and mature. I’ve seen some younger ones but they didnt seem to have interest. So I just went on exploring. Then there’s this daddy who looks fine to me grabbing his cock inside his pants. I grabbed mine as well. He took it out and i did the same. He came closer to me and grabbed my cock as I grabbed his. It was around 6-7in cock and average thickness. But as we were stroking each others’ cock, I noticed someone was coming so we stopped and I walked away. Then I continued searching, where I found this older daddy. He gestured to me and he brought me somewhere secluded. I guess he knows that area very well cause when we went to that place Ive seen alot of condom wrappers and lube on the ground. We started kissing and stroking each other. He went down and sucked my cock. It was almost 6 and it was getting dark as well so we were a bit all out in what we were doing. Although I was still scared in case someone sees us. I was quite dissapointed with his cock though. It wasnt that long around 4-5in. He wants to fuck me so I gave him the condom that was given to me while I was exploring around the park. He put his finger inside my ass and I screamed because it hurts like hell. I wasnt fucked for quite some time now and Im sure my asshole wasnt ready for that. He tried putting his dick inside my ass but it wasnt hard enough and I wasnt in the best position. Since he had a hard time doing it, he kept fingering me with his finger, first just one and then he inserted two fingers. I wasnt really comfortable and it was painful so I told him I cant do it. I was supposed to walk away but he said he will suck my cock which he did until I came inside his mouth. Then I went away and sat on a bench thinking if I should just go home.

      • AsianLondon says:

        Next thing that happened was the best one and I still kept remembering it til today. I went on again walking in the park even if it was already getting darker and darker. I passed by this short guy, looks like a western european, he asked if Im interested in doing something and eventually asked me if I want to have sex. He brought me again somewhere secluded. We started kissing and stroking. He kissed me everywhere and kept saying ‘i love you’ in which i didnt say anything im return cause it’s a bit awkward. He opened his pants and revealed one of the most massive cock I sucked. I was having a hard time sucking his 7-8in cock and very thick. He wanted to fuck me and although I had not so good experience earlier, I still agreed and offered him a condom and lube. I told him to be gentle which he did. I was agonizing in pain at first but he still kept inserting his dick inside my crying asshole. I was a bit noisy in a quiet park because I was moaning and groaning while he was fucking me. Until he was able to insert all of his dick inside me and he fucked me faster and faster and I kept moaning and moaning until he came. He pulled out the condom and we kissed. We walked and went opposite ways. That was a fuck to remember.

      • doriansmith5 says:

        Glad to hear you had a hot experience mate! Please keep sharing your adventures 😊

      • doriansmith5 says:

        Do you think you’ll go back to Hampstead Heath?

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