Let the Fuck Games begin


I was wandering last night through Victoria Park, looking for a guy to hook up, when I noticed the red full moon over nearby tower blocks. No wonder! I thought to myself.

Full moons also mess with me, get me incredibly horny and a little incautious. I spent the whole day thinking about sex, about the Salt-and-Pepper Bear I hooked up with recently, and about my boyfriend going on his trip and leaving me alone. Couldn’t stop checking cruising sites on my phone while at work, checking out guys on the streets on my lunch break… couldn’t wait to get home.

I was convinced that Salt-and-Pepper Bear was going to contact me and ask me to come over as soon as I got home. We’d chatted online a few days earlier – he said he was horny and wanted me over – but my boyfriend was still around. He said he would be busy for the rest of the week and weekend. I told him that was cool, he should just let me know if something changed.

I logged onto Squirt as soon as I got home and saw him online, so I decided to let him contact me if he wanted something. Kept chatting to other guys, checking other profiles, but nothing clicked. Finally, Salt-and-Pepper Bear logged out and I was left, literally, with my cock in my hand. I had a look again at his profile and noticed he’s removed my permission to see his private pics…

I put on my black vest (the same one from a week ago), jeans, the grey hoodie and Doc Martens, and off I went to walk around Victoria Park while the sun set. I always thought Victoria Park was a bit rubbish for cruising, and last night proved me right. There were teenagers sitting in quiet corners, flies everywhere, and all the good looking guys were on bikes, speeding up and down the paths. I got to the pond and decided to sit there for a while, keeping an eye on who was going in and out of the toilets, or walking by. Straight couples walked by, sat in nearby benches. The few solitary guys who stopped to check their phones turned out to be hunting Pokemons.

When I started heading back home, the park was completely dark and I could hardly make out the figures walking down the path. A young black guy stopped me to ask which way was the exit. He had just finished playing football with his mates. I nearly asked if he’d like a quick blow job behind a tree.

I kept checking into Squirt to see if anyone wanted to meet me in the park and some guy asked for me to meet him by his car, get in and jerk him off. But he wouldn’t let me see his profile so I declined. (I had images of him driving away with me…) I sat on a bench in the dark and watched a few people walk by. They seemed a bit unnerved by me.

Got home, logged back onto Squirt, chatted with some drunken guy who wanted to hook up this weekend so I could rim him. Wanked to some porn, went to bed.

This morning, I woke up to an email from a married guy I was chatting  to last year.  At the time it seemed too complicated to me, and I was also coming out of a period of depression and not sure I could handle anonymous sex. But yesterday I decided to message him and say “hey, remember me? I still think about you and would love to hook up if you’re still interested.” (See, incautious.) He couldn’t remember me at all, but he said he was curious. I’ve resent him some photos and asked for some back. There’s also a cute straight guy in his early 30s I’ve been chatting to on Squirt who’s interested in experimenting – I’ve messaged him to say I’m up for playing with him this weekend. And, finally, I’m pretty sure I’ll visit a sauna this weekend – probably the Green House Sauna in Luton.

Off I go now for a morning run and to contemplate what’s ahead of me this weekend.


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