The Bear’s Cave


I hooked up last Thursday night with a guy I met online. It was my first time hooking up with someone online.

My boyfriend had gone out with some friends and I had decided to stay at home. I had plans to watch some porn, maybe relax in the bath, when I noticed a guy on had messaged me. He said my cock (on my profile pic) was hot. His profile showed a large cock sticking out of a full bush, so I replied that his looked delicious.

I told him I had a girlfriend who had gone out and I lived in the EastEnd. It turned out he lived a 20-minute walk away from me. He said it was a shame he had been edging all night as he’d just shot his load, but if I wanted to come by, he’d give me a blowjob.

From his photos I could see he was a furry-chested bear, but what really wet my appetite was his large cock. He said I could pretend I’d gone out to buy some milk, in case my “girlfriend” came back while I was out, and that he’d sucked straight guys before and if he saw me on the street afterwards he’d just look away and ignore me.

I didn’t know if it was a full moon or what, but I said, “fuck it” and told him I’d come over. I took a quick shower, washing my ass and my cock (although he just wanted to blow me his profile said he was a top, so I figured I better be prepared in case he got hard.) I brushed my teeth and sucked on a clementine. Then I put on some jeans, a black vest top (which I found at my gym’s changing room years ago), a grey hoodie and Doc Martens.

I left the house just with my keys, some coins, my mobile phone and earphones. I listened to cheesy dance music as I walked to his house, nervous and with my mouth dry. I felt all guys on the street – including gay guys – staring at me. It was as if I was giving something off. I could feel my face was flushed; I imagined pheromones flowing out of me and circling everyone.

I got to his flat, where he apparently lived alone – a basement flat on a row of nice houses. All was dark but I went down anyway and knocked on the door. A tall guy opened it and let me him.

He was in his early 40s, with a dark beard, a full salt-and-pepper head of hair, about 6.1 feet in height, with broad shoulders, a big belly, and tattoos on his biceps. We smiled in the hallway; he had a sexy smile. I leaned over for a kiss (I had read on his profile that he liked kissing). We kissed for a bit and kept breaking off to smile at each other. He apologised for smelling of cigarettes and I said I didn’t mind. He ran his hand down my crotch and invited me further in.

His flat/studio was small, with a double bed covered by a white duvet, some shelves with books (Law?), DVDs and even boxes of toys (Game of Thrones? Lord of the Rings?) Seeing those items calmed me down – you can’t go wrong with a geek.

He kept smiling every time we stopped kissing, and he had such a nice, friendly grizzly bear smile. He kept saying “wow” as he ran his hands over my body, especially when I took off my grey hoodie and stood there in my wife beater, legs apart, waiting for him to get down on his knees and work on my cock.

I started exploring his body with my hands, tweaking his nipples, running my hands on his soft beard, his furry chest, his huge belly. When he got on his knees, he lifted his T-shirt so I could play with his chest while he sucked me (he had initially told me to come over and shoot on his chest).

The television was on, the news or some entertainment show, and his washing machine was spinning. The kitchen light was on and its harsh brightness gave me a good view of his flat.

He opened my jeans and pulled down my trousers and underwear, freeing my rock hard cock. He started blowing me, running his hand on my stomach, lifting my vest (“wow, wow”), saying I had a great arse as he grabbed it, squeezing my legs (“your legs are so hot”). While he sucked I ran my hands through his hair, squeezed his shoulders, leaned a few times down to kiss his mouth. I even kissed and nibbled his left nipple.

One of his hands moved to my asshole and started rubbing it. He kept the pressure there while he sucked, until I whispered, “I’m going to come.” He kept sucking harder and harder.

I shot my cum in his mouth and he made sure to squeeze out every last drop. When I leaned down to kiss him, he opened his mouth to show the cum in there. He got up quickly and ran to his bathroom to wash it out.

Feeling a little silly now, standing half-naked in the middle of his flat, I pulled up my underwear and jeans. He came back and said, “Hey, I wanted to see your arse!”

“Maybe next time? This was really nice.”

We had a quick kiss and I said goodbye.

I walked quickly home, in a bit of a daze. My boyfriend was still out. I logged onto Squirt and left him a message thanking him, and then wrote a review on his profile. My review said I’d be up for a round 2, where he could then get to play with my tight hole.

My boyfriend will be away on business in a few days…


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7 Responses to The Bear’s Cave

  1. Londonboy says:

    Sounds super hot! Just out of interest, why did you tell him you had a girlfriend?

    • doriansmith5 says:

      To be honest, I don’t know!

      We started chatting again today and he asked me to come over – but I can’t today or tomorrow. So something is likely to happen again Thursday onwards. Looks like we are going to have a Round 2. I will report back, of course. 🙂

  2. Seb says:

    That was incredibly hot, so well described, particularly the nerviness and oddness of it all. I really felt I was there. The girlfriend thing is interesting. Sometimes I chat to guys on Chaturbate (never actually camming myself…) and just lately I went on with the persona of a straight lad who wanted to sub for a gay dom, and then be cuckolded. It was like I was adding my own extra layer of eroticism, but for the cammer or for me? I don’t know – but straight guys getting blown/fucked is a real fantasy of mine…

    • doriansmith5 says:

      Yeah, the boundaries begin to blur I think. You get married guys in saunas, bisexuals, gay guys pretending to be straight… it’s more fluid than anyone is willing to admit. On my part, it was just casual chat, didn’t think much of it – but maybe it turned on the bear!

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  5. Dan says:

    Great read thank you!

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