Eastern European Sausage


Things are finally getting interesting at my gym.

Last week I noticed some new faces in the morning – in particular two gay guys. One of them had everyone’s eyes on him: mid-twenties, tall, slim, and inside a pair of tight white lycra shorts that left nothing to the imagination. The other gay guy was more interesting to me: mid-thirties, shaved head, nicely muscular body, a little shorter than me.

After the work out, when I went to the showers, shaved head guy was there. As soon as he saw me arrive, he sat down so he could watch me undress. I got all shy and hurried into the showers. When I came out, he was still there, taking his time getting dressed. It was just the two of us and he had his back to me. I could study him a little more – he was really quite fit.

When he left, he surprised me by saying “bye” as he looked at me. I replied “see you.”

Today, the gays were there again (Lycra Guy was wearing a more discreet black number). Shaved head guy clocked me when he arrived and for the rest of our workout we sort of pretended we didn’t see each other. Towards the end, we both noticed a pretty, young guy wandering around. When the pretty guy left, shaved head guy went after him (maybe he thought he’d find him in the changing room.)

I got to the changing room ten minutes later and saw shaved head guy’s things in the corner, and heard someone in one of the showers. Two guys were about to leave (no sign of the pretty young guy.) I got into the next shower, feeling horny and quickly growing a semi hard on. When I came out, the changing room was silent. It looked like everyone had gone.

When I got to my things though and looked in the corner, shaved head guy was sitting naked, his legs apart, facing me, slowly drying himself off, looking at me, his cock resting against his leg.

I felt a bit nervous and started to lose my hard on. I started towelling off, facing him. We both kept looking at each other and away. His body was even nicer than I thought, all muscle, toned, and his cock… well, it was a really nice size.

Finally, feeling a bit silly, I slid on my underwear. He did the same, sliding on some tight whities, slowly arranging his cock inside it while looking at me. I sat down and said: “you have a really nice body.”

“Thanks,” he laughed. “It’s hard keeping it in shape in your forties. Your metabolism slows down.”

“I know,” I said. “Are you French?”

“No,” and he told me the name of his Eastern European country.

“I thought maybe because of your accent.”

He then asked me which country I was from and I told him. We started a friendly chat about local gyms, pools, Tom Daley, visiting our families and being late for work. He then said “goodbye, until next time.”

I headed for work, cursing again my gym for not having a communal shower. I thought about him all day, and what could have happened. Why did I get shy? What could we have done anyway, with guys potentially coming in any minute? Was he disappointed in my body, my cock size? Was he just an exhibitionist?

I’m curious to see what happens next time I see him.


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