Hampstead Heath’s Cruising Ground

I went for a walk recently in Hampstead Heath with a friend. It was one of those sunny days before the weather turned cold in London, and it was during the week so there was hardly anyone about.

I’ve heard for a long time that the Heath is a huge cruising ground and I’ve read about the wild things that go on there at night, near Jack Straw’s Castle. I wanted this walk to go past the cruising area so I could get a sense of it, the paths and maybe even see if there were guys around.

My friend is straight but was aware of the Heath’s reputation and didn’t mind following my lead. Straight from Hampstead Heath overground I spotted some guys by themselves, sitting on benches, walking up the path. Some fit runners went past us and I thought it would be a nice idea to come back some time, by myself, for a bit of running as well…

After a good few hours of walking we got to the western part of the park, where the cruising takes place. The woods are more wild, and quiet. Many paths lead into bushes. It was early afternoon and sunny, nobody about. But then I spotted two guys in the bushes, maybe in their forties, wearing baseball caps and sunglasses. Just hanging around, maybe waiting for guys to arrive. In Jack Straw’s Castle carpark, a silver haired walked by that I wouldn’t have minded playing with.

It got me thinking about this summer. Maybe on warm, full moon night — might be interesting to return to the park and have a wander.  See what’s happening.

I also only found out about this documentary that screened on Channel 4 recently. I’m going to see if my boyfriend wants to watch it with me…


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