Closing Down


It’s finally spring, which can mean only one thing: I’m getting horny again.

I swung by Camden’s public toilet this week and it was shut… for good. Not too long ago I also checked out Great Portland Street’s toilets… also closed.

They are all getting shut down. What’s the public supposed to do if they need to piss? Go into a pub? Find an alley?  That’s what you get for having a Tory for a Mayor.

Slightly related bit of news: I found a guy who has videos of cruising in London toilets (and elsewhere).  Here’s his Tumblr:



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2 Responses to Closing Down

  1. stan says:

    Hi! I am visiting London on 11th november and hoping to go to Great Portland street toilet for some crusing, after reading your blog, I found out they are shut down! are they still closed? where can I go for some public fun?

    • doriansmith5 says:

      Hi Stan, unfortunately it looks like it’s closed for good. I suggest you sign up to and take a look there. Maybe Liverpool Street Station toilets, or the Exchange Square (which is near there), St James Park, Leon’s basement toilets near Thames Link… let me know what adventures you get up to on the 11th! 🙂

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