Hammersmith Toilets


Dropped by Hammersmith Station’s public toilets today after work (the toilets just by Tesco’s.)

The cleaner, a moody black guy, explained to me that I had to put the 50p coin in the slot and then go through the cleaner’s entry on the side. He seemed suspicious of me.

There were three guys in there, washing their hands and about to leave. I got inside the last cabin and stayed there for a few minutes. Guys came and went, some into the cabin beside mine. When I finally came out, the place was empty – but only for half a minute. Soon, more guys were coming in, and then I noticed a guy come out of the stall next to mine. He looked at me, I looked at him… a stare as old as the planet, that said so much.

Went home alone, of course.



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9 Responses to Hammersmith Toilets

  1. you had me on the edge of my seat

  2. Hopman says:

    I work very close to there and have visited there occasionally but never seen much action going on. I think the cleaners wandering around puts people off.

  3. Alex says:

    Been to both Hammersmith’s & King’s Mall toilets, but nothing ever happened. Sometimes I tend to think they employed homophobic staff deliberately. Not to mention these people probably are quite uneducated so even when we’re annoyed of their presence, there’s no point to protest. Just leave.

  4. Edwin says:

    I almost always find some action going on at King’s Mall toilets. I think it’s always worth a visit, especially around 6 after work. Regarding Hammersmith station, yeah, 50p entrance fee, attendant always present and no much going on there…

    Anyway, I’ve been reading your blog for a while. Congratulations! It’s amazing. Please don’t stop writing!

  5. Edwin says:

    Hi! I had a damn good time in King’s Mall the other day! There are big renovations going on at the mall and surprisingly one of the construction workers was hanging there looking for fun. He was young and handsome… what could you want more? We sneaked into the last stall, we masturbated each other and I came all over the floor (I swear I cleaned it later :-P) He did not come but his cock was huge and I really enjoyed giving him a wank. Well. I reckon I was very lucky. Probably it will never happen again! LOL! Enjoy your cruising guys!

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