First weeks at the Gym


I’ve been a gym member for three weeks now. It’s a gym near Stratford that’s very convenient for me – I get to go in the morning, when it’s all quiet, and then head into work.

The sad thing about this gym is that the showers are not communal – they are separated by cabins with doors! One of the best things in the world – one of the most erotic things – is when men shower next to each other. It’s a communion thing, a brotherhood… there’s nothing quite like it! This gym slightly makes up for it by having a changing space that’s communal, so you can still sneak a peek, but it’s still a disappointment – it’s not like my previous gym by Bethnal Green, where things could happen in the showers (but hardly ever did as there was nobody about in the mornings when I went.)

I’m enjoying getting back into shape, switching between the gym and jogs in the area.

After my gym sessions I drop by Stratford’s public toilet. There’s always a line up to get in! Last time, there was a tall, big daddy type – shaved head, glasses, horny stare and big hands. He stared at me while he dried his hands.


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8 Responses to First weeks at the Gym

  1. B says:

    Such a shame the all gyms are following the same cubicles with doors these days

    I used to use a gym that was open cubicles so you could at least sneak a glance at others

    Used a couple of gyms with totally open showers too – and also then seen some of the guys on Gaydar (at the time!) does it even still exist? And even met a couple too

  2. AsianLondon says:

    Which gym is this in Bethnal Green?

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