Stratford’s Cruising Grounds

I’ve joined a gym near Stratford station. It’s nearly two years since I’ve had a membership, I feel like it’s finally time to get back into exercise and build my body into the strong shape it used to be.  I’m not after super muscles or a 6-pack – I just want the stamina and energy that I used to have when I exercised regularly.

And if I once in a while play with some guy in the changing rooms… that won’t hurt anyone. 😉

Before I went to the gym, I dropped by the public toilet inside Stratford station. I saw from far away a slim, young black guy leaving it so I knew it wasn’t closed. Got inside and there were two east european guys by the urinals and one guy drying his hands.

Pissed in the cubicle and when I came out… the three guys were still there and the black boy had come back!  They gave me that look.

The place stinks to high heaven so I don’t know how those guys can stand to stay for so long – or maybe there’s somewhere nearby to take guys? Anyway, I thought it was interesting that there were east european builders. I always wondered if any of them were gay!  Now I know. 🙂


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13 Responses to Stratford’s Cruising Grounds

  1. Neil says:

    Your stories are amazing! Too bad you like older. As a young guy I hope I can learn from someone with your experience 😉
    You use squirt to cruise?

    • doriansmith5 says:

      Thanks Neil. Glad my experiences connect with you! 🙂

      I have a Squirt account and have chatted to some guys there, but I use it mostly for “venue” information, lol.

      I like younger guys as well (I have a very close friendship with one who is 22 years old!) but, yeah, my fantasies revolve around older guys… But maybe that will change the older I get?

    • doriansmith5 says:

      Ah, thanks Neil. 🙂

      • B says:

        I do like reading this blog / it’s reawakened my interest in cruising and the excitement that comes with it. Even if it results in Nothing

        The furtive glances:is he? Isn’t he? Gay? Interested? Following me?

        Keep posting!

      • doriansmith5 says:

        Cheers A, feel free to share any stories or experiences – love to hear about what other guys get up to. Do you have a blog?

      • B says:

        No blog – I don’t know if I like the idea of a written history

        I was a late starter: first experiences were online and then in a sauna (age 24!), and an odd bit of cruising over the years.

        Settled now but Happened up on this blog and been to Great Portland St a few times: not done anything, but stood there, and watched from outside.

        Nearly went to Vault 139 this week, but just enjoyed walking around the nearby streets for a couple of hours. Catching eyes. Stopping. Watching. Following.

      • doriansmith5 says:

        Yeah, I’m a late starter too. Only been twice to a sauna – and the first time I was 37! Also usually just stand around in cruising grounds and don’t do much. I fantasise a lot but when it comes down to it, I’m pretty settled with my boyfriend.

      • B says:

        I can’t say I’ve only been twice!

        But… I have been to a fair few to make up for my lost years; London, Birmingham and Manchester (and Berlin and Prague)

        I do like (possibly miss) the atmosphere of saunas and cruising (and definitely so wouldn’t indulge close to home)

  2. Mark says:

    Hi Dorian,

    Going to São Paulo soon and read some of your previous entries. Where are the best metro or malls to go cruising?

    Also do you have any good masseur recommendations?


    • doriansmith5 says:

      Hey Mark,

      The Tiete bus station is very, VERY busy and cruisy in the toilets. And they are free to go in. Other metro stations that have toilets are also busy, especially during rush hour, but I don’t know them all. There’s one near Morumbi Shopping that’s pretty good.

      In terms of masseurs, try this place:

      I think it’s the biggest sauna/gay massage/sex club in São Paulo, if not the whole latin america. It’s in the Largo do Arouche neighbourhood, which has tons of gay bars, etc. I’ve never been myself… so I look forward to you reporting back! 🙂

  3. Mark says:

    Thanks Dorian! I’ll check out Morumbi. My hotel will be near there.

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