Debenhams on Oxford Street

I visited Debenhams toilets a few days ago after work, about 7pm (I was in the area meeting a friend for dinner). I’d read on an online cruising site that the action was in the third floor toilets so off I went, with a slight heart trepidation (as always).

The entrance was just behind the check out counter. Inside, by the urinals, a young guy in a suit was on his knees, tying his shoelaces. I stood by the middle urinal and waited. Soon he was washing his face and looking at his reflection. Outside, we heard two guys chatting; they came in. One was incredibly hot, blonde with a beard and in black, skinny jeans. He stood by my side and started pissing; his friend went into a cubicle.

The young guy in a suit started drying his hand and, when he was finished… went back to wash his face again! When I left he was still there, still avoiding eye contact, waiting for something or someone to arrive. He was cute. Hope he found someone to play with.


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