Waterloo and Stratford Station Toilets

Waterloo Station Gents

Waterloo Station Gents

I’ve been thinking lately about deleting this journal. My sex drive has visibly dropped this year and I just don’t cruise for sex (or voyerism, to be more exact) any more. But then I think about all the posts I wrote here – in a weird way, this is a record of gay sex cruising in London in this particular age. I don’t think there are many journals out there discussing what goes on in public toilets, parks, etc, in London like this one. So maybe I should keep it up for posterity? For when I’m in some retirement home and can read back on what I got up to in my 30s?

Having said that, I visited Waterloo Station’s toilets last week and it was heaving. The barriers were out of order so guys could just cum and go. As you arrive, you can choose to go right (where there are urinals laid out in a semi circle) or left, where the cabins are located (plus more urinals I think.) I went to the right and stood near an older guy who wasn’t being very discreet with his hard cock. A young, good looking guy arrived and stood a few urinals away from the older guy, staring at me. Made me feel like I “still had it”.

As usual, I was on my way somewhere else and couldn’t stay.

I’ve also been to Stratford Station’s public toilets recently. It’s very small and stinks to high heaven, but it’s also very busy. Only two urinals and one cabin, with guys lining up to go inside. It was rush hour so maybe they had legitimate reasons for being there…


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10 Responses to Waterloo and Stratford Station Toilets

  1. Hopman says:

    Don’t delete your blog, keep it as a record of your life! πŸ™‚

    What time of the day did you visit Waterloo toilets? Been there a few times but never seen anyone interested… Maybe I should try visit again.

  2. Please keep the blog open…I love reading your posts….Cycles…We all have cycles….

  3. Frankie says:

    Please don’t stop ur blog or delete it! I’ve only just found it and a lot that I’ve read soooo mirrors my own life!! Would love to share experiences. I found a place today that so reminded me of my youth cottaging….but no action. F

  4. Alex says:

    Don’t delete this blog please. Simply because it’s fun! Agreed with Waterloo Station. Loads of naughty guys in the morning between 7 & 8.30 am. Varied from suited to casually dressed. Turning right is always more interesting. Got my cock sucked & returned the favours many times. Sometimes the cleaners can be nosy & disruptive, but I guessed it’s their job to keep this place a bit more decent & less obvious than Liverpool Street station.

    • doriansmith5 says:

      Hi Alex, I’ve never been in the mornings. Can’t imagine anywhere being more cruisy than Liverpool St Station! πŸ™‚

      • Alex says:

        You should pay a visit… sometimes they closed off the right section for cleaning, which is a bit annoying. But the left one is not bad either. I don’t know why I never got lucky at Liverpool Str Station, it’s just my bad luck perhaps.

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