White Swans and Sailor’s Saunas

White Swan pub

I’m now working in South London and sometimes I like to avoid the trains and take a long walk home. As I head towards the East End, I walk past a gay pub, the White Swan, and a gay sauna right beside it, the Sailor’s Sauna (formerly known as Chariots Limehouse.)

I’ve heard over the years about both the pub and the sauna and, of course, I’ve been curious about visiting them. During these walks, I wonder what it would be like if I quickly popped into the White Swan for a pint. Then, who knows, an hour or two relaxing in the Sailor’s Sauna?

It’s getting cold in London and my thoughts are turning towards warmth.


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4 Responses to White Swans and Sailor’s Saunas

  1. Hopman says:

    I’ve been to that pub. They had some sort of Pop Idol style contest but for strippers or something, and a friend of mine from Brussels had heard of it and dragged me along. It was pretty diabolical. Never been to the nearby sauna…

  2. Hopman says:

    I walked through Barnes Old Common Cemetery recently, in SW London. The cemetery is apparently a lively cruising ground, as proven by the several dropped condoms and condom wrappers scattered around the graves. Have you ever been there, or heard anything about it…?

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