It’s nearly time for my boyfriend to come back from his business trip.  I haven’t been to any saunas and I haven’t fucked any strangers.  I’ve been a good boy and stayed at home most nights, or gone out only to see friends.

I met a guy on and I was in talks to meet up with him. He then turned out to be married with kids and that just seemed complicated to me. Then, on top of that, he was talking about being a regular fuck buddy. Did I want to have a separate sexual relationship from my boyfriend?

Maybe the best thing for me is to concentrate on my boyfriend, try to keep the flame burning, keep working on our sex life. And when he travels, porcation: watch all the porn to get me off and keep my thoughts away from cruising for sex.

I think sex with other guys would only work if my boyfriend was there or if he gave very explicit permission. But to go behind his back and then hear him say he misses me… it feels wrong.

Today, I’m going for a long walk around London, soaking up the sunshine and the city’s energy. Tomorrow, I’m going for a morning swim. Soon, he’ll be home.


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