Fulham Broadway & Baker Street


I visited Baker Street station’s toilets twice yesterday and Fulham Broadway tube station’s twice today.

Baker Street was busy both times – once at 11am and once at 1pm. The first time there was a mixture of young guys, with hard cocks by the urinals or standing by the stalls. The second time, it was only elderly guys.

Fulham Broadway’s toilets have a lot of potential but they were completely quiet. From the station, you go down some stairs and then through turnstiles. There’s an old style metal urinal, open for you to see your neighbour’s cock, and three stalls. I was there around rush hour, 6.30pm or so, and then at 7.30. Not much happening.

Currently home alone… I still haven’t mustered the courage to visit a London sauna! Jerk off sessions with online porn take away any desire to go out searching for cock. I probably should just do it though and get over with it. I need to satisfy this curiosity about what London saunas are like.


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  1. So far, 3 posts in I am stating to think you are my British twin!

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