Turning 40 in a Sauna

Chariots Sauna Shoreditch

My boyfriend and I turn 40 this year. I’m thinking of taking him to a gay sauna as part of the “package” celebrations. It’s something we’ve never done before (as far as I know, he’s never been) but we’ve talked about it for a while. It would probably be a visit just to check it out and get comfortable in there, probably fuck in one of the cabins (maybe invite a third party if they are cute to join us.)

He’s going on a business trip soon, leaving me alone for two weeks. I’ve thought about visiting some saunas in London, and maybe checking out some cruising grounds, like Hampstead Heath. All for research, so to speak.

I really don’t know which sauna to visit. I’ve heard bad things about Sweatbox (smells bad, terrible attitude) and Chariots Waterloo and Streatham (empty.) Chariots Vauxhall seems to be full of drugged up club kids and Chariots Shoreditch is large but expensive. Pleasuredrome is the Goldilocks of saunas in London, it seems from the reviews. I may try it first.

I couldn’t sleep last night, so turned on by the thought of all of this. Only managed to fall asleep by 5am.

I feel like time is going so fast and before we know it we’ll be gone from this planet. Enjoy life now while we can…


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4 Responses to Turning 40 in a Sauna

  1. Hopman says:

    Why not try more than one when doing your research? 😉 There are a lot of scathing reviews online, but I guess you can’t know until you try for yourself…

    I can recommend the Stable (formerly Sauna Bar) in Covent Garden. It’s small but friendly and not too expensive and had a mix of non-pushy guys. Would be interested to know what the others are like.

    When is his birthday? Is he keen to try one himself ?

    • doriansmith5 says:

      I’d like that Hopman – I’m all about giving a fair chance to all the saunas! 😉
      But they are all so expensive… I could probably just do a couple this time around.
      Also, I’m kinda terrified of running into someone I know!

      • Hopman says:

        Some of them might offer discounts for certain times of day so could be worth checking out. It does sound romantic though. 😀

  2. tpcsufian says:

    That sounds romantic lol 🙂

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