Thinking of visiting Chariots Shoreditch

I’ve only been to a gay sauna twice, and both times in Leeds. I’m thinking of finally visiting a sauna in London. Any readers been to Chariots in Shoreditch? What was it like for you?


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4 Responses to Thinking of visiting Chariots Shoreditch

  1. Hopman says:

    I’ve been to the Stable sauna in Covent Garden a few times and enjoyed it, but not tried any of the Chariots saunas. Some of the reviews put me off but I would be interested to know what it’s really like. Perhaps a Dorian fan group trip is in order. 😉 Anyone been to the gay underwear bar The Vault in Kings cross? Apparently that is pretty much unbridled sex orgies, especially on their No Clothes dress code nights.

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