Great Portland Street

Great Portland Street toilets

Great Portland Street toilet

I’ve been dropping by Baker Street tube’s toilets this past week, thanks to work commitments in the West End.  Every time I visit, off peak usually, there are guys at the urinals.  I thought this place had died some years ago, thanks to constant police checks, but it looks like that stopped and cruising has picked up again.

Yesterday, I visited Great Portland Street’s toilets for the first time. I’d read online it was a busy cruising spot – wow… understatement of the year! This is a proper gay-orgy-underneath-people’s-feet kinda place. Gay men at urinals, gay men in cubicles, even gay men on rollerblades, lol.  It’s 50p to get in, but there were no cleaners around, so I just jumped over the turnstile.

Great Portland Street reminded me of Marble Arch’s toilets, ten years ago, when it was the cruisiest toilet in London. So much sex happened there, they might as well have called it a gay club. Same for G.P.S. – they should just add a disco ball and open a bar!

I didn’t stay long, had somewhere to go to, but enjoyed the edginess and selection of guys. Definitely a place to check out again in the future.


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19 Responses to Great Portland Street

  1. smegmahunter says:

    I’ve tried GPS toilets, actually this was my first cruising experience in my life. I went down on 3 different days, in different times, and have spent a couple of hours there each time. Now withuot sucess I’m very disappointed.

    I’m 30, 6 feet tall, average body (not fat), 7″ cock. They say I’m cuter in real life than on the images. My acceptance level wasn’t set high, I wanted to have sex with someone below 40, who is not too fat. That’s all.

    There were every kinds of guys down there, at least 50% of them met my requirements, but it seems I haven’t met anyone’s requirement as nobody wanted to have sex with me!

    I understand, that everyone has his own taste, but nobody wants me? I wasn’t picky, but when I tried to get close, they fled away, like if I were a dirty homeless or something (I was clean and shaved). Even the ones, who were not on the top of my list. It was pretty humiliating.

    So seriously guys, what the hell am I doing wrong?

    • doriansmith5 says:

      I think that’s just the way with cruising, you never know what people are thinking. Also, there’s the element of danger – anyone could walk in (including the police) – so they might have been scared of going all the way.

      I find it better to play cool and try to insinuate for the person to follow you outside. Then you can talk on the street and arrange to go somewhere else more private.

  2. Mail me says:

    New to London, mind helping me out with where to go in North to cruise? Preferably toilets.

  3. cruising sucker says:

    Have you tried the great cruising toilets in New Change at St Pauls shopping centre.?
    Great hot action all day!

  4. steve says:

    I work near there. If you’re around let me know. Probably not great for you but 8-9am this week will be the next time in nearby.

  5. Alex says:

    Been to this toilet a few times. Smegmahunter’s comment above was right. Really hit & miss. The public there are focussing too much on good, youthful looks or (as usual) big cocks. If you don’t really meet these categories… then you might as well wank on your own! Having experienced cruising for many years, I should’ve known better. Still, it amazes me how superficial the crowd can be. That’s why sauna is always a better alternative. As for toilet: the best ones are still London Bridge (platform 1 – now closed) or Wimbledon Station (haven’t been for years)…

    • doriansmith5 says:

      For variety of men and constant flux of people, I think Liverpool St Station is quite good too – but you have to take them somewhere else. Never been to the Wimbledon one – will have to check it out one of these days.

  6. B says:

    I tried here today, having not cruised for ages – few guys about and a mixed crowd. Really liked the edge of thrill but didn’t get off

    Will go back

  7. Dave says:

    Been there a few times as I live near by
    Yes its always a mix of guys but quite a few young sexy guys visit and I have had some fun

  8. Bobby says:

    I work in Marble Arch, where is the cruising there exactly? Or has it gone? Cheers

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