Cruising at Cassiobury Park

Cassiobury Park

Cassiobury Park

I spent the weekend in North London, staying with some friends. On Saturday, on the way there, I decided to hop off the Metropolitan line (around 1.30pm) and check out Baker Street Station’s toilets. It was for old times’ sake, I didn’t expect to find anyone in there.

But there were two guys by the urinals – a skinny older guy with glasses standing to the right and a young guy to the left. I chose the urinal beside the young guy but he quickly zipped up and left.

So I was standing there, trying to piss, when another older guy joins us. Slim as well, white hair, blue eyes. He reminded me of a dad from years ago that used to cruise that toilet, ugly as sin and with missing teeth, but who had the biggest cock in the world (I really wanted to worship that cock.) This one was nice-looking, in a blue sweater and tight fitting jeans. So I kept staring at him and he looked back. Soon we were jerking off to each other. I decided to move closer and take the urinal by his side. The other guy meanwhile was frenetically jerking off at us.

Two more guys came in – blonde and young. One of them was gorgeous, with cropped hair and nice muscles. The dad I was playing asked if I’d like to follow him outside, to a nearby pub. And I wanted to but I apologised and said I was going somewhere, couldn’t stay (such a cock tease.)

Later that night, still horny, I excused myself from my friends and went for a walk. This was around 11.30pm. My friends live near Cassiobury Park. According to a popular cruising site, guys used that park at night.

The streets were deserted and it felt safe (very suburban.) At one of the park’s entrance, a straight couple were sitting on a park bench, romancing. From the shadows walked out a young pair of guys (one black, one asian). Then I noticed a shadow moving behind a tree – an older guy. He soon walked away.

The park was completely dark, you couldn’t see anything in front of you. I walked in, kinda afraid someone would jump on me and try to rob me. Everything was quiet, I could barely discern the path ahead and the trees. I decided it was probably best to return – how would I explain to my friends if I got mugged?

But it’s not my last visit to the park. Next time, I’m going to be a bit bolder and really explore it. See what kind of guys hang out there at night…


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4 Responses to Cruising at Cassiobury Park

  1. Hopman says:

    The toilets at Harrow on the hill station on the Metropolitan line are sometimes worth checking out, although there are signs warning against anti social behaviour.

  2. Shaun Haywood says:

    get in touch 07947 xxxxxx

    • doriansmith5 says:

      Hi Shaun,

      I’ve edited your comment to remove the numbers from your phone. As this is a public blog, you might have ended up getting a lot of unwanted calls!

      So do you live by Cassiobury Park? Any tips on cruising it?

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