24 Hours Cruising

Handily placed just opposite Camden tube station.

I’ve started cruising for sex again. It’s a mixture of the weather turning nicer and my return to regular exercises. Being sedentary for the last year and a half was one of the worst things that happened to me: my libido disappeared, I lost interest in things… maybe I was depressed.

I’ve been cruising Camden’s toilets, without much luck. During the week, I drop by Camden tube station’s toilets during lunch hour and after work – it’s very hit and miss. On Thursday there was an older guy, on Friday a cub. But straight guys were around – including the cleaner – and I don’t know where to take guys from there.  The only interesting guy I saw was at the start of the week, a young blond guy with a nice tight ass (saw him as well the next day – he works around there.)

Another toilet I’ve checked out is the one inside Camden Market. It’s very busy, full of tourists coming and going, and too open. Not good at all.

One day at work I started thinking: what if I spent 24 hours cruising? As a sort of experiment?  I’d leave the house in the morning, with just my cellphone, a notebook and a pen for company. Would spend the whole day traveling around London, visiting cruising sites, taking notes on what happened. At night, would go to Hampstead Heath and maybe a sauna. Get fucked, watch, take note – until the sun rise.  That’s the state my sex drive is in right now.

Today, I’m going for a run with my boyfriend in the park. Tomorrow, I’m checking out my local gym and looking at getting a new membership.



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