First Fuck of the Year

Yesterday, I woke up in the middle of the night with my boyfriend running his hand up and down my back. We were just wearing our underwear; I was sleeping on my stomach. He’d linger his hand over my ass then move it back up to my neck.

At first I thought, “just let me sleep…” But then a thought crept into my head: him and I in the shower, his cock inside of me, bending me over, fucking me hard. So I turned to him and whispered: “have you got condoms and lube?” And he said yes.

We started kissing, holding each other’s hard ons. He stood up to get the condom and I swallowed him, got him wet. Then I took him into the bathroom, with just a weak light from the bedroom showing us where to go, soaped my asshole a little bit and guided him inside.

His cock slipped in without any problem. I bent over, pressed myself against the wall while he fucked me and groaned. He took his time.

And when he shot his cum, I imagined his cum running inside of me. I jerked off all over the tiles.

First ass fuck for me this year.


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