Becoming a Gay Dad

I’ve been living in this small South American town for nearly 8 months now. I miss London like crazy and can’t wait to be back there. Do I have anything to report from here, apart from my small and very rural life? Nope. But something unusual started to happen with my taste for men.

When I was in London I was all about the dads. Grey hairs, suits, big cocks – that sort of package. Didn’t really look twice at young men, twinks and so forth. Wasn’t interested. But here in South America, especially in this small town, there’s an unusual amount of good looking young guys who happen to be out and proud. Older guys, on the other hand, don’t take care of themselves or their bodies, which is a real shame.

I’m currently taking a morning class and we were joined this morning by a sweet, sweet 18-year-old guy. “Fun package” as one of Sean Cody’s porn stars once said. Nicely tanned skin, short and tight body frame, bubble butt… I couldn’t pay attention to the class. All I thought about was grabbing his hair from behind and fucking his tight butthole.

Wait! I’m supposed to be a bottom! I’m suppose to crave daddy cocks fucking me all night long! But here I am now, becoming a dad myself, and craving the attention of younger guys, craving my cock inside their bodies…

I’ve even made a few friends here who are in their 20s. They aren’t interested in me sexually – they just want my knowledge and wisdom. They like to share their sexual escapades with me, or latest romantic woes. Ask my advice.

And I have a lot of advice to give…


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