Still Alive

I haven’t died! But my computer nearly did… which is why I’ve been silent for a few months.

In my local town there’s a supermarket with public toilets. I was recently shopping there when I noticed a young guy sitting by himself outside. Good looking, about 18 or 19. Another guy walked past and he followed him with his eyes, checking his ass. Later, when I popped into the toilets, he was standing by the urinal. Other guys were around. It was the first time I got any inkling there might be cruising in my town.

But, for real toilet cruising, the best bet is São Paulo. The bus station at Tietê is crammed with guys at the urinals, wanking openly to each other while the cleaners stand nearby chatting away. Incredible to see! Some of the metro stations also have toilets that can get very cruisy.


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