From Big Town to Small Town

Apologies for the long silence. Since my last post in November I’ve had to leave the UK (for family reasons) and I’m now living in South America.

It’s been a drastic change. From a city like London, full of life and opportunities to a small quiet town almost inside the jungle… I may as well be the only gay here! To make matters more difficult, my boyfriend is across the ocean. I’ve been missing him like crazy… him and our life together in London.

I’ll try to keep this journal going but I have no idea how many opportunities I’ll get to cruise, meet guys, visit saunas, etc.

For all of you reading this, pray that I find a hot farmer to fuck me behind the barn!


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4 Responses to From Big Town to Small Town

  1. thom says:

    glad that you and your blog are back. sadly with these shocking news, but i hope you are well despite all. cheers, thom

  2. thom says:

    ps: i keep my fingers crossed for you and the hot farmer 😉

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