Gyms and Saunas

The gym was fairly busy this morning. There were these two french guys in the weights area – one who was very hot.  I’ve seen him a few times: dark, curly hair with some grey.  Beard. Dark-skinned, strong muscles.  Good looking face.  Early 30s?  Very, very hot.

Was he checking me out or was that a false impression?  You know how some gay guys are: they look at you just to see if you’re looking at them… But with this one, I don’t know.  I’ve seen him a few times at the gym.  I don’t have the courage to hold his stare – he’s too good looking for me (I keep telling myself.)  But we keep “noticing” each other.  Clocking each other’s arrival.  And do I want to go down this road when I have a boyfriend waiting for me at home?

The upstairs changing room is currently being refurbished so everyone has to use the pool’s changing room. A mixture of hairy, gay guys and dads with their kids.  A bit chaotic but nicely masculine.  You can shower and get dressed without feeling too many eyes running down your body.

Outside, I scour the sidewalks for hot guys.  Bethnal Green is full of them.

I’m alone next weekend and contemplating a visit to one of London’s saunas.  I’ve only been to the Basement Complex in Leeds – twice.  Third time lucky in the capital?  Curious to see how different or similar London’s saunas are from the ones up north.


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11 Responses to Gyms and Saunas

  1. P says:

    Wow, your blog is amazing.

    It’s the gym YH ? 😉

  2. P says:

    Hope see u in the showers… LOL

    (I’ve had “experiences” there too)

  3. Gay Athletic says:

    Quite curious how your london sauna experiences will be.
    I have been to Pleasuredome and sweatbox….

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