Packed Gym

My boyfriend fucked me fine last night.  He rubbed his face against mine after we came and I thought of this gay dad at work who is nearly fifty and rides a motorbike.

Returned to the gym this morning – still on my health kick.  Upon arriving, and seeing only one locker free, I thought to myself: “the place is packed… and maybe there will be action in the changing room.” 

Inside the changing room, I stumbled upon a good looking guy completely undressed – pale skin, toned, slightly ginger hair (the way I like it!) – showing off a growing hard on to another guy.  He was about to head to the showers, the other was about to start his work out.

When it was my turn to shower, a guy had just come out and was toweling off.  He gave me a wistful look.  A pakistani boy came in later and posed in front of the mirror with his shirt off, testing out his muscles.  He went into a private cabin to shower.


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