Back in the Gym

I’ve returned to the gym after nearly a month away (with the occasional run in Victoria Park thrown in.)  I put on 3kg… it was time to do something about it!

Went to the gym this morning but the upstairs showers only had cold water.  Headed to the pool’s showers and asked a tall, dark-haired bloke in the showers (with a large cock) if the water was hot.  It was.  More guys arrived, more guys got changed… it’s so different from the upstairs changing room, which is always empty.

Saw a guy in the gym that I recognised from a local gay pub/club.  He’s the bar tender there.  Nice looking guy, dark-skinned, slim, tattoos.  He served me a few weekends ago, when I went dancing there with two friends.  I spent the night trying to kiss this guy that looked like me when I was 10 years younger… but they guy was not interested.  I actually think it was the first time someone turned me down!  Two other guys chatted me up, but they weren’t my type.


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