Return to Baker Street

A visit to Baker Street station’s public toilets after work – my old haunt when I lived in London’s West.  Through the turnstile (still open, still free) to see quite a few guys by the urinals.  Stand beside a tall, skinny young guy wearing tight jeans.  He coughs, trying to get my attention.  We both stand there, neither pissing.  Movement behind us, men coming and going.  I zip up and take a quick look: he’s stretching a large, semi-hard cock.  A good looking businessman is in the other corner.

Have to dash, meeting friends for dinner.  Wash my hands and leave, hope the cops don’t crack down on them.


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One Response to Return to Baker Street

  1. Pete says:

    I go there sometime and so good action ginger hairy chest top based in east london

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