Heatwave Cruising

Carnaby Street's Toilets

Carnaby Street’s Toilets

A heatwave is going through London and all bodies have come out on show. It’s in days like this you really get to see how many good looking men live and work in London. And the builders! All shirtless, tanned, going about their business while we follow them with our eyes.

Yesterday, I checked out the toilets in Victoria Park, by the tennis courts. Empty and silent, the perfect place for a meet. Not a soul for miles.

Today, a session at my gym in Bethnal Green and the hope of showering beside someone hot (maybe the young bearded guy who kept checking me out in the weights room…) Then, at lunch time, I dropped by Carnaby Street’s toilets. I’d been a while since I visited – they now have a turnstile that charges 0.50. The black guy in front of me jumped over it; I did the same. All urinals were taken up by guys cruising, clearly jerking off. As I was leaving, a good looking muscular guy went in. Three gay guys stood outside, drinking pints and keeping an eye on who came and went.

Walked past Sweatbox, the gay sauna that’s opposite the Photographer’s Gallery. Plenty of good looking people hanging about (more shirtless builders). One of those saunas I’ll have to visit one day (and bring flip flops, from what I hear.)


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