Drunk Search

When I get drunk with my friends, I say goodbye at the end of the night and go looking for cock in London’s public toilets. Baker Street tube station’s toilets were empty – and so were the ones at Liverpool Street station. Then my bus home went past Chariots sauna and I wondered how many guys were in there… I’ve never been inside but I’m curious. Came home and jerked off to some porn streamed on my iPhone.


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2 Responses to Drunk Search

  1. James Carew says:

    which chariots did you go past? i understand there are a few. the one in streatham is ok pleasuredrome in waterloo is very nice i would recommend it but just make sure everyone you hook up with wraps up there are too many gift givers out there and pozzing freaks. Keep safe my friend.

    • doriansmith5 says:

      Hey James, it was the one near Liverpool Street Station. Never been to any saunas in London! I now live in South America – far away from any cruising grounds – but hope to one day return to London.

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