Cruising London’s Toilets

I was downtown today for work, spending a good amount of time wandering around the South Bank, Charing Cross and Waterloo.

I went by the gay sauna Pleasuredome just out of curiosity – it’s one of those places I’ve walked past so many times but never gone in.  I think the time and day is coming when I’ll pay it a visit.  There were three guys standing outside it – two who seemed to work there and a daddy with a beer belly on the other side of the street who was keeping tabs on who went in and out.  Further up the road I saw a bear slowly walking towards the sauna and I thought to myself: “there goes one bear for a swim this afternoon.”

I followed a guy down into the Charing Cross station toilets and learnt his trick of how to get past the tiles without paying.  He was kinda chubby and young, not really my thing.  He stood beside a tall guy with glasses and a hard, big cock.  A business dad who was on the way out came back an joined us at the urinals.  I left fairly quickly.

On the way home I stopped by Liverpool Street station’s toilets – very quiet. A good looking, leatherly dad joined me at the urinal but I couldn’t see much.  Left quickly as well.

Came home and jerked off to Joe Gage’s “Dad Goes To College”, which is an amazing piece of gay porn.  Definitely check it out!


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