First Sauna Visit, Part 1

I went to my first gay sauna yesterday! And it was in Leeds, of all places. I was up there on a day trip for work and had a few hours to kill before my train back to London – I got horny and…The first place I went to was the main train station’s toilets. It was 3pm but busy, with a few good looking guys standing by its entrance or inside. I was joined at the urinal by this good looking guy dressed smartly and wearing glasses. He pulled out a massive cock that went hard immediately. I licked my lips and he gestured with his head to the last cubicle. I got inside and went on my knees while he stood outside, feeding me his cock while he kept an eye on anyone coming in. It didn’t last long: another young (gay) guy came in, followed by another one.I washed my hands and went outside.

A minute later he came out and stood on the other side of the plaza, exchanging looks with me. I wasn’t sure if he wanted to be followed but I trailed him anyway; he led me straight to a hotel next door, with cops and security guards outside. Bold fucker! In I went but couldn’t find him anywhere, not even in the hotel’s restaurant loos. I was about to leave when I saw him – he’d gone up some disused staircases and wanted me to follow him back up but, by that stage, I’d been noticed by the hotel staff and didn’t want to make things worse. I pretended I was scoping the place for an event and stepped outside, where Long Dick Glasses was waiting for me.

‘Those are the only places I know around here,’ he said. ‘Oh well.’

‘I’m sorry I don’t know anywhere,’ I said. ‘I’m only here for the day from London. You tasted delicious anyway.’ He smiled and walked away.

I was now feeling really horny.  I’d looked earlier on my iPhone at what was around the rail station and noticed there was a sauna, Basement Complex, not too far away. I decided to just walk past it, maybe find a nearby cafe and watch who went in and out – build courage to visit it.

When I got near, I thought “fuck it.” I opened the door and stepped in. A good looking asian guy buzzed me in and asked if I’d been to Basement Complex before.  I said no.  Before I had a chance to say “and this is my first time in a gay sauna” he was telling me what the layout was like (two floors, saunas and pool on the ground and rooms above) and where I could find my towel (inside my locker – he gave me the key for No.1). I could hear the rumbling of trains above (the sauna is underneath train archways) and a television, with the faint beat of music further inside.  I paid £6 for a membership and £9 to use the place.  In the locker room, two guys were getting dressed.  I took off my clothes and went to the showers, which were right by the lockers, then started exploring the space.

There were quite a few guys in there, mostly young.  I was immediately noticed, with hands brushing past my body in invitation and smiles asking me to follow them.  In the dry sauna, a skinny man tried to jerk me off and I had to politely escape him – there was something sad about him, as if he always went to saunas and never got anyone. One guy checked his email by the bar. In the steam room, two guys were sucking each others cocks.  Guys didn’t stay long anywhere – moving up and down, from room to room. Guys stood in front of porn, jerking off, or disappeared into rooms with someone they’d found.

I lost track of time and started feeling a bit lightheaded from the saunas.  I’d noticed this tall, muscular blonde guy who was the best looking person in the place, but he didn’t seem interested in me. We stared at each other in the dry sauna before he walked away, then slowly checked each other out in the dark corridor upstairs.  I was cooling myself with a shower by the lockers when he joined me. He had a large, drooping cock and friendly face. We smiled at each other and in the next second we were stroking each other’s cocks and kissing.

‘I have to leave in a minute,’ he said with his thick yorkshire voice.

‘How about a quick one?’ I offered.

‘Like what?’

‘A blowjob.’

‘Ok, but I only do it with condoms.’ I agreed and we made our way upstairs, into the first available room.

To be continued…


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