First Sauna Visit, Part 2

We climbed the stairs to the second floor and got inside one of the tiny rooms. It was a space made up entirely of a black mattress, with some tissue to the side and a bin (to throw away condoms and lube wrappers).  I can’t describe the feeling of closing the door behind us and locking it, suddenly alone and naked with that beautiful guy, our towels on the mattress and our hard ons sticking out.

We held on to each other and kissed. I whispered to him that it was my first time in a gay sauna and he whispered back, looking me in the eyes with amazement, that it was his first time too.  We had found each other. I kissed his lips, his cheeks, his neck, his earlobes. He moaned and kissed me back. I kissed his chest (trimmed), his tiny hard nipples, his muscular arms and shoulders. I stroked his cock (about 8 inches hard and thick) and lowered my mouth to it – but he stopped me. ‘Blowjobs only with a condom,’ he kept saying, and apologising. ‘I’m married.’ He wanted to protect his wife from whatever I might have.

I was striding his body while he moaned “oh god”, when I leaned down and said ‘I’ll do anything you want.’  He didn’t hear me so I repeated it. ‘Go get a condom,’ he begged. I rushed out and downstairs, to the reception. The asian guy who’d received me earlier was checking in a new visitor and took a minute to come to me.

‘Where do I get condoms and lube?’

‘There’s a box in the TV rooms – you can get them there.’

‘But I didn’t see any!’

‘They should be there.’ Maybe he realised at that point that it was my first time ever?

I rushed back upstairs and went past our “bedroom”. He was sitting with the door open, waiting for me. I gave him a thumbs up and continued ahead, searching in vain the TV rooms until I found the box. I grabbed a bunch of condoms and lube, and by that time he was by my side.  He took me by the hand and brought me back to the room, where we again closed and locked the door.

More kisses, our bodies lying side by side on the towels. The first time in my life where I was making love to a guy more muscular and taller than myself. I felt so free, so turned on… alive and light-headed. This may sound cheesy but… I think we were making love instead of just sex. It felt passionate and powerful.

With condoms on our cocks, I could finally take him into my mouth.  I laughed and told him his cock tasted of strawberries. He pushed my head back down excitedly and moaned as I licked, nipped and played with his balls.

‘Would you like to fuck?’ I asked.

‘I want you to fuck me,’ he said.  ‘Do you want to?’


He turned on his stomach and gave me his smooth, hard ass… a beautiful thing that was moist and ready for my fingers and cock.  Another first: I’d never fucked a guy before (all these years I’ve been with my boyfriend, I’ve always been the bottom.) I pushed inside and he moaned, grinding his ass against me. His back had the tattoo of a cross.  I started fucking him while kissing his neck but I couldn’t resist the pressure of his ass – after a few strokes I was shooting my load in him.

I continued to fuck him for a bit longer until my cock was soft and came out. He turned around and I jerked him off while kissing him until he shot his load.  He then realised my cock didn’t have a condom: ‘where is it?’ I pulled the condom from his ass, loaded with my cum, and showed it to him. He got paranoid that I’d barebacked him, so I kept showing the condom filled with cum, telling him it was alright.

‘I’m married you know,’ he reminded me again, as if I didn’t understand the gravity. He then lay his head on my chest and said he had to go. We kissed and he said we’d probably never see each other again. ‘Have a lovely weekend,’ I wished him. ‘Have a lovely life…’

‘Are you sure it was OK?’ he asked again, still paranoid about the condom.

‘Yeah, it’s alright,’ I laughed. ‘It was my first time in a gay sauna you know.’

‘Don’t come back…’ he said, almost to himself. ‘Do you have a girlfriend?’

‘Yes,’ I lied. ‘I’m bisexual.’

And then he was gone. I waited a little bit and then went downstairs to sit in the empty steam room. A trancey disco song was playing and I felt myself float away on various emotions and thoughts of what had just happened. After a while I went to the shower and then entered the jacuzi. A chubby guy with a big hardon joined me but we sat in awkward silence.

I then got out and went to the dry sauna, where a grandpa lay asleep. A good looking young guy arrived at the sauna and noticed me. He smiled and wanted me to pay attention to him but by then I wasn’t sure I could muster the energy for another encounter. I took a shower, got dressed and left (but not before having another friendly chat with the asian receptionist.)

I’d definitely like to go back to Basement Complex one day… all the fears and doubts I had about gay saunas were dispelled that day. Perhaps I’m a new sort of gay person now, and this is the first stage of a new (more adult) life. I wish I could have got home and told my boyfriend all about it – I contemplated it on the train ride back to London. But how to do it? And what if it damaged our relationship for good? I’m now thinking of inviting him to go to a gay sauna – as if it’s our first time together and we are there to explore it together, add a bit of spice to our relationship.  I think he’d enjoy it… but who knows. Since the visit I’ve been feeling confident, noticing more the gay men around me, noticing the effect I have on some of them. That early buzz from spring that signifies the end of winter and the rebirth of life.


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