Skinny and Chubby

Every time I go to the gym now, I get this bout of anxiety as it gets closer to taking a shower. When I’m walking the steps up to the changing room, I’m almost lightheaded – petrified of all my dreams coming true (that a hot guy in the showers will turn his hard cock to me.)

The gym was fairly empty today, but the guys that were there got my gaydar ringing. The changing room was empty when I went into the showers. I was just finishing off when this tall, middle-eastern young guy joined me. His skin was beautifully tanned, and he was pretty, but he was so thin – too skinny. Like a concentration camp victim.His cock went semi hard and so did mine. I was being very obvious about jerking off, staring at him and pulling my cock, but he ignored me. He started soaping himself with the smelliest soap in the world – a horrible scent. I decided to give up on him and just as I was toweling myself, this short, chubby queen with a huge cock came in and stood between us. I left the two of them to it.

I guess skinny guy wasn’t into the other one because he came out soon afterwards and brought his clothes near mine. Too late mate: I was already dressed and ready to leave.I’ll be going back tomorrow morning – will be interesting to see who works out on Christmas eve.


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