Food and Fucks

When my boyfriend is out and I’m alone in the flat, I like to eat my meals while watching porn. Is that weird? Sipping soup while some hot stud gets fucked raw. I love food and I love sex.

Went to the gym this afternoon and was in the shower room at the same time as this Olympic blonde god with massive shoulders. Prayed he’d join me in the communal shower area, but he went into the private one instead (straight.) Later, while he was spreading moisturiser on his body, an older, bald daddy came in clearly looking for action. He made tall Olympic blonde uneasy. The daddy wasn’t my type but, honestly, the way I’m feeling horny tonight and I would have played with him in the showers if he’d arrived a bit earlier.

Now I’m off to find some cock at Liverpool Street station to suck, then clubbing the rest of the night with a friend. Tempted to end it at Vauxhall’s Chariots though, knowing myself, I’ll just end up shattered on a night bus home.


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