I’m currently working near Vauxhall, a part of London I don’t know very well. My office is not too far from the Chariots Roman Spa (i.e. gay sauna) and a few clubs notorious in the gay scene. But, the most surprising of all, are the toilets just by the Vauxhall bus station… that place is heaving with guys all day long!

In the morning, at lunch time, after work… you name it. It’s a small toilet, with just two urinals and two cabins, so guys have to stand by the sink waiting their turn. Can get very cramped. The other day, a really cute young guy kept nervously looking at me and moving back and forth from dryer to sink. Bums and drug addicts also shuffle in and out.

I keep eyeing Chariots and wondering what it’s like inside. I’ve never been inside a gay sauna. My boyfriend and I haven’t had sex for weeks now, and I haven’t jerked off in over a week. Every dream I have involves sex. Wet dreams like a teenager a few days ago. I also haven’t been to the gym since the weekend. I hate winter.

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