Unemployed Life

There’s really nothing better than lying in bed at night with your loved one – in each other’s arms – watching good television. The comfort of winter, of monogamy, of long time love.

When people see my boyfriend and I together, I wonder if they think I’m the top in the relationship. He’s shorter than me, skinnier and prettier. But the truth is that he’s the top one: his cock is 7 inches long while mine is just 5 and a half. I love bottoming for him. We tried a few times switching around but he was too tight for my cock and he couldn’t handle the pain. I take his cock now like a pro.

I was feeling horny this morning at the gym. Sadly, there were no hot dads around to shower beside me. As I finished my routine, a fat bald grandad made his way to the showers just before me. Usually I don’t mind chubby guys – even find them sexy if they are confident and big-dicked – but this one was a total turn off (his gut hung so heavy and low, hiding his cock.)

While my boyfriend is at work I spend the day alone in the apartment searching for jobs. I watch porn, beat one off and read books.


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