At the Gym

Because I’m currently unemployed, I’ve been visiting my gym every day. It helps keep my mood up and I enjoy using the pool and the weights when there’s hardly anyone around.

Yesterday, there quite a few hot dads in the weights area. One guy in particular caught my attention: tall, broad shouldered, muscular and with a thick set of gray hair and beard. He walked slightly hunched over and I really couldn’t tell if he was straight or gay (though there was nothing effeminate about him.)

Just as I was finishing my session, he headed over to the showers. I took too long stretching because by the time I was out of my sweaty trousers he was inside one of the private cabins. I might have done something crazy if I’d showered next to him: when he came out afterwards, his chest was a thing of beauty and worship. I tried not to stare.

Today, I went to the pool but didn’t get to shower with anyone afterwards. I feel it in my gut that it’s only a matter of time before someone shoves me down to my knees in the changing room and makes me suck them dry…


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