Offer to Cruise

While I was on holiday in South America, a friend of mine invited me to go with him to a gay sauna or a XXX cinema. He knows I’ve never been to any of these environments and I have a lot of curiosity to see what they are like. He’s a pro at going to sex clubs, saunas, etc, and tells exciting stories about what goes on there. ‘Why don’t you go to them?’ Well, there’s the fact that I have a boyfriend who’s not into that stuff, but also some fear on my side: fear that everyone will stare at my small cock, that I’ll go nuts in there and suck a million cocks, that I’ll love it too much. But I am soooo curious – I shouldn’t die before experiencing them. There were two beautiful boys in the gym today: one of them I’ve seen off and on over the years – a bit of a twink with large feet and dark curly hair (beautiful); the other a tall muscular giant with stubble and a sweet face. When I went to the showers, I prayed he’d follow me and I’d get to see him naked under the water. No such luck. Tomorrow, it’s the pool for me. In no time I’m going to have a ripped body (but for how long will my gym enthusiasm last?)


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