London Cruising

I’ve spent the whole day feeling horny, craving cock. I kept updating Twitter, searching online, restless at my desk. As soon as I could, I left the office and hit the public toilets nearby. I was just behind a suit but he took a urinal in the corner, an elderly guy between us, and it looked like he only wanted to piss.

Out on the streets I walked to Hyde Park in the drizzle, stopping halfway to buy an umbrella. There was one guy in those toilets, but he was there just doing his business and on the way out. I went back to the office horny and hungry.

In the evening, I had to attend a work event and only left for home at 8pm. Around 8.30pm I got to the Baker Street loos – it was surprisingly busy. To my left was a guy in his 50s, hiding his erection. A nervous asian boy to my left pissed and left. Next to him was a guy about my age, quite good looking and fit, and another bloke on his side. The four of us stroked and I moved closer to the good looking guy. His cock was a little longer than mine. I would happily have brought him home with me to play. I reached over and squeezed his nipple, which he didn’t like – but at the same time it made him shoot his load. He quickly zipped up and went to wash his hands. The other guys didn’t inspire me so I zipped up as well. Good looking guy must have thought I was going to chat with him because he rushed into the waiting Tube train.

Still horny, red in the face, I took the train and got off at Liverpool Street station. Wow… three very good looking guys at the urinals: a young, fit and gorgeous black guy, a smooth, clean cut suit with his limp dick hanging out and a mobile phone to play with, and a bearded hotty in the corner. Clean cut suit wasn’t interested in me and turned his show to bearded hotty. Gorgeous black guy dried his hands until they were on fire. We exchanged looks as I zipped up and washed my hands.

On the way out, a good looking Asian guy followed me up the escalators and asked where was the nearest bank machine. Was he interested? I thought I sensed something… but maybe I was wrong.

My boyfriend is going on holiday soon and I’ll have the flat to myself. I’ve been debating whether I should fool around, whether I will kill something inside if I bring another man home.

What do you think?


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