Toilets I’ve visited recently

London Bridge
This one was a bit of a surprise. I never knew it existed. I could tell immediately that it’s very popular – guys were coming and going at 11am! Mostly young, studenty types, with a few dads thrown in the mix. Must remember to visit again whenever I’m in the station.

Charing Cross
Very slow, but definitely still cruisy. Older, uglier guys.

Near my work – West London
Went today around 6pm. A group of teenage boys were sitting by its entrance, joking around. Near them was an older guy in jeans and baseball bat, silently observing them. I immediately could tell he was watching the toilet’s entrance. I could feel his eyes burning through my back as I walked into it. Ta-da… a minute later he came in and stood by the urinal a few feet away from me. Tall, ginger guy, who probably had a massive cock. Ugly as sin. I left before I could see anything… big mistake? Maybe I’ll get another chance soon.

Also… I’ve been back to my gym but haven’t seen that guy I shared a jerk off session in the showers. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we bump into each other again. I need to be as cool as toilet water when our eyes cross.


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